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Jingyue (Clear Moon) Park Guide

-Travel to Jingyue (Clear Moon) Park

Jingyue Lake National Forest Park, which is also Clear Moon Park, is located 12 kilometers away southeast the downtown. It is famous for picturesque scenery, has gained the reputation as the sister of Sun-moon Lake of Taiwan Province. It occupies an area of 200 square kilometers, with over 4.3 square kilometers water surface. It was formed several hundred million years ago from the movements of the Himalayas and the outbreak of volcanoes. The mountain range nearby is one section of the Dahei Mountain and consists of 119 peaks. A long time ago, there was plenty of water that flowed from the mountains and formed several rivers, running together into the lowlands.

 However, in 1934, the Japanese wanted to make sure there was a good supply of drinking water and they forced the settlers in the lowlands to immigrate and dredged the rivers to the central area. This is what formed the lake that is here today, called Source of Water. The scenes here are different all the year around. It is cool in dense shades in summer; in winter the snow is over 30 cm and forms a natural ski field, called Jinyue Lake Ski Field. The whole scenic area consists of Jinyue Lake National Key Scenic Spot, Jinyue Lake National Park and Jinyue Lake Tourist and Vocation Area.

Nature lover's wil be in for a treat at the Jingyue Park with its picturesque and refreshing green environment. From April of this year , Jingyuetan scenery area has done the best to get 5A level with the direction of Tourism Department. The atmosphere of setting up scenery area was really good and they got the phase achievement. Jingyue park is the famous tourist attraction as a national forest park.
Travel guides in Jingyue Park:             Address: 18 km southeast from the downtown Changchun            Open hour: 8am-9pm             Ticket: RMB30 for one             Contact number: +86 431-4513521        

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