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Compared with other historical cities in China, Changchun is still a young city which is over 200 years old. If the territory of China is in a shape of rooster, Changchun is just like one eye of this huge rooster, from which one can imagine its important position. Any travel guide to Changchun must tell its history which makes this city interesting. It provided a base for Japan's brutal World War II colonization campaign and was slated to sit at the center of a postwar empire that never materialized. The city's people are very kind, as unpretentious, warm-hearted, and quick-witted as any in the country.

Changchun, now the capital of Jilin Province, has gained fame in the modern era as the Detroit of China and has been renowned as "city of movies" and "city of automobile". It is the cradle of Chinese film production and saw china's first automobile company take on a leading position in China. Changchun enjoys a convenient transportation. With its own International Airport, which opened in 2005, you can get to 20 cities all over the country from there, such as Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. In addition, railway transportation there is available to travelers to almost all cities of China.

However, It is not industry that brings tourists to the city, however, but the city’s pleasant scenery, history and skiing. Visitors can see the Jingyue Pool National Park, which is incidentally one of the largest manmade forests in Asia, or delve into Chinese history and culture with a travel to the ancient pagoda tower in Nong'an County, which can provide guests with a comprehensive understanding of the Liao Dynasty. Changchun Movie Studio, the South Lake Park and the Buddhist Temple are also ideal scenic spots. Changchun is also an ideal winter travel destination in China. The freezing cold weather has resulted in some of the finest ski resorts.

Changchun Attractions Guide

- Must See

  • The Changchun Movie StudioThe Changchun Film Studio, known as 'the cradle of New China's film industy', was the first film factory to be established after the founding of the People's Republic and is considered as the cornerstone of Chinese film industry. ... ...
  • Jingyue (Clear Moon) Park
    Jingyue Lake National Forest Park, which is also Clear Moon Park, is located 12 kilometers away southeast the downtown. It is famous for picturesque scenery, has gained the reputation as the sister of Sun-moon Lake of Taiwan ... ...
  • Jingyuetan Ski Resort
    Jingyuetan Ski Resort is located in Jingyuetan National Scenic Area about 18 kilometers southeast from the center of Changchun City. Jingyuetan Ski Resort has appropriate temperature and snow sodility for skiing. Covering an ... ...
  • Banruo TempleThe  Banruo Temple is the largest Buddhist Temple in the city of Changchun, which also serves as the Buddhist Association of the city and province. Banruo Temple was listed as the national key Buddhist temples in Han region. ... ...
  • Manchu-kuo Imperial Palace
    The palace of Manchukuo was home to the last emperor of China, Pu Yi. The palace was the official residence created by Imperial Japanese Army for Pu Yi to live in as part of his role as puppet Emperror of illefitimate Manchu ... ...
  • Meteorite MuseumOn March 8th, 1976, accompanied by a deafening roar, the peculiar meteorite shower fell on the suburb of Jilin and Yongji County region at 15:00. Its quantity, weight, ranges and technology content is peculiar in the world. Today, ... ...

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Name:A short travel in Changchun Reply

We are planning a short travel in Changchun. what is the best way to get to Changchun from BJ?

Name:Re:A short travel in Changchun

The most convenient but the most expensive way is to take a flight to Changchun. There is an international airport in Changchun. In addition, railway transportation in Changchun is also available. And the price is cheaper relatively. There are many trains departing to Changchun from Beijing every day. So I recommend getting to Changchun by train.