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Beidaihe Travel Guide

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Beidaihe, as one of the 10 travel cities in China, situated in the northeast of Hebei Province, between the Mt. Yanshan on the north and the Bohai Sea on the south, close to Beijing and Tianjin. The city is a coastline city with convenient transportation, which provides an easy access to travel there. With a monsoon climate and four distinct seasons, the springs tend to be dry and windy while being hot and humid in summer. Beidaihe is explored for a summer retreat of China's Communist Party, and  is now open to the masses as a famous seaside travel destination in northern China.

Beidaihe is an ideal place for bathing and sun bathing. The beaches in this area cover with the yellow sand with a distance of around 100 meters to the sea. There are more than 30 bathing places close to the Bohai Bay with its soft sand and good water quality. The air in the coastal area is also clear and refreshing, which makes it a perfect place for recreation and relaxation. The most famous travel site in this area is the Great Wall, since the Laolongtou (Old Dragon Head) is the eastern origin of the Great Wall and the Shanhaiguan Pass is the first pass at the east of the Great Wall. Moreover, the Yinjiao Pavilion in "Pigeon's Nest" Park is one of nine famous sun-rise watching spots in China. 

Other interesting travel draws are Tiger Rock Park which features numerous vast rocks resembling a herd of tigers, the lovely Lotus Stone Park at the foot of twin-peak Lianfeng Hill and the Mengjiannv Temple. Now, Beidaihe attracts more and more attention from around the world with more than 4 million people traveling here every year. Add Beidaihe to your  travel itinerary and you will not regret your decision. Welcome to read our other pages for more travel guide to Beidaihe. We would like to help you with your Beidaihe travel plan, by providing professional advice, useful itinerary and excellent travel service.

Beidaihe Attractions Guide

- Must See

  • Meng jiang nu Travel to Meng Jiang Nu Temple, you can learn the famous story about "Mengjiangnu's bitter weeping" . It situated on the Mt. Fenghuangshan (Phoenix Mountain), 6 kilometers east of Shanhaiguan Pass, Meng Jiang Nu Temple, according ... ...
  • Old Dragon Head Great Wall (Laolongtou Great Wall)The Old Dragon Head Great Wall (Laolongtou Great Wall) appears like a huge dragon with its head ducking deep into Bo Hai to paddle in the water and frolic among the waves, so the place is popularly called "Old Dragon Head". Old Dr ... ...
  • Shanhaiguan PassShanhaiguan Pass , 15 kilometers northeast to Qinhuangdao City , is the east end of the Ming Great Wall and an important strategic pass of Jizhen Town Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty . It gets its name Shanhaiguan ( Mountain , Sea ... ...

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Name:Travel question about Beidaihe Reply

Is Beidaihe the nearest summer resort of Beijing? How many hours it will cost if we travel there by driving?

Name:Re: Travel question about Beidaihe

Yes, it’s right. Beidaihe is nearest coastal summer resort of Beijing. Thousands of people from Beijing travel to Beidaihe every summer . It will cost about 3 hours if you drive.