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Batou is a charming city that has been awarded the titles of "Garden City", "National Civilized City" and "National Excellent Travel City". Situated in the west of the Inner Mongolia, adjacent to the Republic of Mongolia in the north and Yellow River in the south, With a particularly advantageous geographical location, Baotou has long been recognized as an important centre for fur and food distribution. Baotou enjoys temperate climate with cool and favorable summers, long and cold winters. Therefore the best seasons to travel in Baotou is spring and autumn. The travel resources in Baotou is abundant and unique with culture heritage, natural scenery, and the grassland landscape.

Baotou is a terminus for two Railways, heading for Lanzhou in the west and Beijing in the east. It is the important transportation hub to connect the north part and northwest part in China. Baotou Airport serves the city with regular service to Beijing, Shanghai and Taiyuan. The city is connected by the expressway to Inner Mongolia's capital, Hohhot. It brings a great convenience to visitors for travel and business in Baotou. Baotou is now one of the biggest and wealthiest industrial cities in China, developing such industries as metallurgy, machinery, textile, chemical industry, and rare earth supplies. No wonder Baotou is also known as the "Steel City outside the Great Wall" and "Rare Earth City".

Perhaps Baotou is very easy to be overlooked in guide books when you are planning your travel to China. However, it offers a rich cultural and historical heritage since settlers moved here 6,000 years ago. Some of its historic sites include Ashan Ruins, the Qin Great Wall, Zhao Great Wall, the old Wudangzhao Temple, and the Meidai Temple. Besides, it also offers scenic travel areas such as the Xilamuren Grassland and JiuFeng Mountains. The best way to experience Mongolian traditional customs is to ride a camel in the vast desert or grassland, visit or live in the yurts, drink a bowl of hot milk tea, enjoy a meal of finger mutton, and listen to folk songs.You will get all these from you travel to Baotou.

Baotou Attractions Guide

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  • Resonant Sand BayHere we provide a travel guide to the Resonant Sand Bay, one of the most popular scenic sopts in Baotou. Located within an hour's drive away from the city of Baotou, Resonant Sand Bay (otherwise known as Xiangshawan in Chinese) is ... ...
  • WudangzhaoWudangzhao, a popular travel destination near Baotou, is the most well kept and also the largest Tibetan influenced lamasery in Inner Mongolia. It is situated on Jihuluntu Mountain 54 kilometers north of Baotou City. "Wudang" mean ... ...
  • MeidaizhaoMeidaizhao Lamasery is an important religious center of Baotou and a key travel spot in this area, located in Tumd Right Banner at the southern foot of Mt. Daqing, about 50 kilometers from the city of Baotou. The lamasery was firs ... ...
  • Xilamuren GrasslandSituated in the southeast part of Damao Banner, the Xilamuren Grassland scenic spot is about 90 km away from Hohhot. Xilamuren Grasslands is characterized by rolling hills and lush green grass. Xilamuren means 'yellow water' in Mo ... ...

Baotou Travel Tips

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Is Baotou the largest city in Inner Mongolia? Any interesting places to see? I need useful travel tips.

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Baotao is the largest city in Inner Mongolia.It is not properly a nice city. Baotao has no specific but the desert of Inner Mongolia, that is an easily attainable goal from Baotou. But if you travel here, there are still sveral popular travel destinations we listed are worthy to see.