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China has become one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. With a long history and ancient civilization, the country is endlessly appealing to adventurous travellers. China's hosting world events like the Beijing Olympics in 2008, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, show off to the world a nation on the rise, where ancient riches are complemented by modern marvels of architecture and engineering. Here we supply an open source of travel guide to China, regarding city guide, destinations, attractions with the latest facts and reliable information, which gives a great extent helping to all the travellers with their China travel plan.

A ture and detailed travel guide to China is needed by the visitors who plan to come. Much different from all the other places in the world to travel China offers a sturdy culture and plenty attractions to do. From Beijing's medley of ancient and futuristic monuments to cosmopolitan Shanghai's skyscrapers and art-deco heritage; and from the heights of the spectacular Tibet to the karst peaks and rivers of Guizhou, China's travel experiences are many and varied. And while flexibility and patience are still required to travel around China, in return, it will reward travellers with memories to treasure for a lifetime. To start here in China Travel Guide, you will get the detailed information of the cities and attractions in China. We aim to provide our dear readers and guests with up-to-date travel guide and excellent China travel service.

China Famous Destinations Guide

A travel to China, the vast and fast changing nation, could well be the most fascinating experience. Its sheer size and long history make it extraordinary contrasts that you could spend a lifetime exploring it. China Destination Guide offers travel guide information to our valued readers and guests with useful details. Every destination is thoroughly displayed on its renowned attractions, brief introduction and comprehensive travel service.

Yunnan Minority
Yunnan Minority
The Tibet Travel Guide
The Tibet Travel Guide
The Silk Road
The Silk Road
The Yellow Mountain
The Yellow Mountain
China Famous Cities Guide

China City Guide focuses on supplying all travelers with useful information and details on more than 170 cities in China. China City Guide provides a full list of China famous cities with thoroughly description, popular attractions as well as comprehensive travel service. Here you will get the first-hand information to help your China travel plan. By browsing our guide, you are able to know more about the major Chinese cities and explore them in depth.

China Travel Preparation


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Name:Travel to China in 2011 Reply

We are starting to plan a travel to China in the spring of 2011 for around 15 days. You are referred to us by the Morris’ who used your travel service in a group to China for 12 days last year. Well, our desired destinations are Bejing, Xian, Yangtze cruise and Shanghai. We would like your advice on how to put everything we want in order. Different from them, we are independent travellers, so please provide private travel service. Thank you for your time.

Name:Re: Travel to China in 2011

Hello, the Morris’ family travelled with our group last year and did have a great time in China. As an professional travel company, we are honored to offer exellent travel service to you. In order to make a costomized travel plan for you, we need to know more details such as how many people you are coming, how long will you spend in China… Welcome to view our site first for more guide information about China, and then tell us your specific requirements. Enclosed in the email is an initial itinerary for your reference. Welcome to book you China travel with us anytime!

Name:China Winter Travel Reply

Hello, in this winter, I want to visit a place in China to escape the cold weather. So could you please recommend some places for me, thank you?

Name:Re:China Winter Travel

It is my pleasure to answer you question. There are some good choices for you. They are Xishuangbanna, Sanya, Lincang, Kunming and Zhuhai.