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Useful Telephone Numbers

Useful Phone Numbers are essencial for travellers to China, especially in case of emergency. Keep these tips of phone numbers will give you great convenience during your trip.
In China land lines and mobile phones follow different systems: land lines use area codes, while mobile phones do not. For land line area codes, a "0" is typically added in front when dialing domestic long distance from within mainland China, but is never added when dialing from outside mainland China. Domestic phone numbers in large cities have 8 digits, and in other areas 7 digits and no less. Mobile phone numbers have 11 digits without area codes. The Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau are not part of this numbering plan, and use the country codes 852 and 853, respectively. 

Police 110
Local Telephone Directory Inquiry 114
Domestic Long Distance Inquiry 116
Talking Clock 117
Fire Service 119
Ambulance 120
Weather Forecast 121
Traffic Police 122
Mobile Phone Subscriber Service 1860
Civil Aviation Information 2580
Air Ticketing Service 2581
Commercial Information Service 2583
Railway Information Inquiry 2585
Tourist Hotline 86-10-6513 0828
Beijing China Travel Service 86-10-6515 8264
China International Travel Service 86-10-6601 1122

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Name:Useful telephone number Reply

I've bought my flight to Beijing from US. I would like to check my other domestic flights in China. Could you give me the useful telephone numbers of Air China and Hainan Airline? Thanks a lot!

Name:Re: Useful telephone number

If your multi-cities-tickets are booked in US, then you should check your flights in China. Air China is 4008-100-999, Hainan Airlin is 800-876-8999. If you need other telephone numbers of other airlines, please contact.