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Travel China Tips for Water Drink

Read these helpful tips below and you will be well prepared to the water drink in China:
Types of Drinking Water in China
In China, the three main types of drinking water are direct drinking water, tap water rationed by water terminals and bottled water:
Direct drinking water includes the natural spring, well, river, and lake water that is usually used by the rural people in China.
Tap water rationed by water terminals is river and lake water purified by the water company and then rationed to the consumers by pipes. It must be boiled before drinking.
Bottled water includes mineral and pure water. Bottled mineral or pure water and various beverages are sold everywhere in China, including street stalls, shops, supermarkets, hotel stores, all kinds of restaurants, pubs, scenic spots and so on.

Water Drink in Hotels
Most hotels provide their guests with a supply of either boiled water or bottled water (free) for drinking and brushing teeth. Some hotels provide hot water in thermoses while others may just offer you a water heater, and you then have to boil the tap water yourself. Four and five-star hotels in China commonly provide you with a dispenser filled with high-quality mineral water in your rooms, and this service is mostly free or has a small charge.
Water Drink in restaurants
In most Chinese restaurants, water is served for free before the meal, although some will offer tea or noodle soup instead. Always, the drink offered has been boiled, and you can drink it without worry. Most restaurants also have bottled water or other beverages on their menu. However, you must pay for them and the price is higher than that found at the supermarket. Note that some of the restaurants may sell cold drinks, but without ice.
Water Drink Outiside
You won't have to worry about finding water when you go out, almost all shops will have bottled water for purchase and convenience stores and water venders are everywhere in China. Take care when choosing bottled water in a market. Ensure the water is transparent, free of any form of deposits, and that the bottle is smooth and clear. Also check whether the seal is intact. In summer it is advisable to always carry a few bottles with you to help prevent dehydration.

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Is it ok to use boiled water for cooking or coffee in China?

Name:Re: China Travel Tips-Water Drink

Of course there’s no problem to use boiled water for cooking or coffee in China. Apartments in cities of China all installed with taps. You can just boil the tap water for daily drink or use.