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China Travel Clothing Advice

Here are tips for what to pack for China travel clothing listed by seasons.
Clothing choices should be dictated by the seasons and areas when you travel in China. The climate in China is incredibly diverse with near-arctic conditions in the far north, tropical heat the year round in Hainan province and desert to the far west.
Clothing Tips in Spring&Fall
When traveling in spring and autumn, clothing should be casual and comfortable without being too revealing. Western suits, jackets, sports coats, woolen jackets, long sleeve shirts and travel shoes are advisable. Slacks are commonly worn by many Chinese women and are a good idea for anyone interested in more strenuous sightseeing.
Clothing Tips in Summer
In the summer, much of China is hot with very high humidity, light cotton clothes will be the most comfortable, make sure they are not too delicate and are easily washable especially by hand.
Clothing Tips in Winter
In winter, much of China is in the grip of cold weather, especially in the north of the country. It is prudent to wear several layers of clothing, generally thermal or silk underwear under a sweater and padded jacket. Padded jackets and boots and readily and cheaply available in all sizes and styles, making them amongst the best buys to be found in China and easily acquirable if needed.
Clothing Tips in Rainy Season
For travel during the rainy season, from May to August, a raincoat is recommended. Bring clothes that are easy to hand wash and dry. Dark colored clothing allows you to not wash every day. Remember that you can purchase almost any kind of clothing in China. A good pair of comfy, well broken in, hiking shoes are highly recommended.

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Name:Clothing advice Reply

Elma, I’m leaving for China soon. I saw that Beijing’s not that cold on the weather forecast. Do I need to take warm clothes? Any clothing advice?

Name:Re: Clothing advice

Hi, Beijing spring starts from March. The temperature is not too low, but it’s not stable. Sometimes there’s sudden temperature drop, so the clothing advice is to take your winter clothes here.

Name:Clothing Advice Reply

Hi, when mum visited China last year she bought for me some thermal type long johns filled with camel hair they are wonderful and warm not pretty but when you work outdoors like me I am so grateful for them I only wish I could get some more or find where I can find them, aparantly this is what the local chinease people wear in the cold parts. Do you know where I could find them.

Name:Re: Clothing Advice

Thanks for your inquiry. Actually, in China, you can easily find various types of thermal clothes no matter filled with camel hair or wool, etc, at the places like department shopping malls, supermarket, specialty store, etc, in many cities in the cold parts.