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China Travel Tips are essential information and general ideas for you to get before you come to visit China. In this column, we provide practical travel tips and useful tour advice that you can look at when you plan your China trips. We have compiled a list of answers to frequently asked traveling questions in the following, including the knowledge of planning the trip, practical travel information and special tips… We hope it will be helpful and you will enjoy your stay in China.

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Hi Monica, thanks for planing our China tour. We will be starting our China travel in two days and we will travel by air three times in China. Could you give us some advice of tips for air travel in China?

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Since Beijing Olympic, the security check of air travel has been very strict. Basically, liquids, cosmatics, knives, lighters, or any other similar articles are prohibited from carry-on baggage. Kindly suggest you shipping them with checked baggage. Laptops, cigarrates, keys and others have to be taken out to go through the security check. Our local guide will remind you of the local tips of air travel. Please don’t worry.