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Sean's Wonderful China Vacation

Good day to you Linda.

I got back home from your beautiful country on Saturday very tired and very happy. This is the first opportunity I have had to sit in front of the computer and write to you. I hope you understand.

Linda the trip you arranged for us was fantastic and everything went exactly according to plan. Miss Cindy is gold. She was very knowledgeable and there was no question to difficult for her to answer and she was always smiling and nothing was to much for her to do for us. I hope you pass on my congratulations and appreciation to her and to her boss. Both you and Miss Cindy are an asset to your company and without you and her arranging everything our stay could not have been so much fun and so happy.

In Beijing Tiananmen square , the forbidden city and the Great Wall were all highlights. Not only highlights for this trip but also for many of my trips throughout the world. The Wall really is THE GREAT WALL OF THE WORLD. Absolutely amazing, I cant find words to describe how I was feeling standing on top at tower 8 on the Wall...

Thank you to you and Cindy, I will remember my time in Beijing for the rest of my life. I can also see that China is going to be a very proud nation when you have the Olympics later this year.

As you know Lorraine and I went on to Guilin and Yangshou after leaving Beijing. They are right when they say that this is the most beautiful place under heaven My breath was taken away. I was so pleased that we made the extra effort to go to this region. I have read and seen documentary films about this place but it is more beautiful than the pictures. Every day I think about Longji and the rice fields. This is a place I will visit again. It is a very special place.
In Yangshou we saw the Impression Liu Sanji. The director of this show Zhang y Mo must be an amazing man and I cant wait to see what he does for the Olympic opening ceremony. That will be fantastic.

Tansy it sounds like I am trying to be nice to you and telling you all nice things. It was all very good. The lady guide Ding Suping we had in Guilin was another golden lady. She is like you and Cindy. Nothing was too much trouble and everything was professional and fun. The first day we had a man Sam who had difficulty with English and my Chinese is terrible so we had difficulty trying to communicate. I think this was also difficult for him so that is why we had a change. Ding Suping and the experiences in Guilin more than outweighed the difficulty we had with Sam. Please contact the Manager in Guilin and thank them for all their effort and willingness to accommodate us.

I will try to send you a couple of my photos tomorrow.

Thank you very much che che

Sean O'Donovan

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