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Lon Coon's Wonderful China Trip

Dear Monica,

We had a very memorable trip because of your guides and drivers. Both Helen and Doreena were extremely attentive to our needs and requests. Early in our visit in Beijing my husband and I had such a delicious lunch that we were simply not hungry for the Peking Duck dinner and asked Doreena if she could reschedule it for the next evening. Doreena was very helpful in contacting both of the restaurants that applied and made this possible. We appreciated her being responsive to our needs. In our visit in Xian, we had made a friendship with another family from South Africa. On the first day in Xian when we met this family at lunch, the father was quite ill. (they were also on a itourbeijing tour)  We offered to provide some "over the counter" medicines to him but they were located in our hotel room. Helen helped us to get the medicines to him that day to help him recover from his illness. In both cases, the guides went above and beyond to be responsive to our requests and helped to make us feel like we with friends. 
Our last lunch in Xian was at a local restaurant and they were holding a wedding. Our food was very good but the noise level was loud and uncomfortable.
All of our other meals outside of the hotels were excellent. Very delicious and with a taste of China. The sights were visited were awesome! The Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors, Summer Palace, Forbidden City, the City Wall.... unbelievable sights.
Our drivers were polite, courteous, always ready and waiting for us. All of your staff were friendly, professional and well prepared.
We would not hesitate to use itourbeijing again. Thanks to one and all for making this a memorable visit to China... for us, the opposite side of the planet.

Lon & Sharee Coon

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