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Jennifer Wright's China Travel Comment

Dear itourbeijing,

Thank you very much for your service for our trip to China. We had a wonderful time. It was a very meaningful and memorable trip. I would be happy to answer your questions below:
The Peking duck dinner in Beijing was the best meal of the trip by far. On the whole the meals were okay, and there was always more than enough food served to us. It was nice not to have to struggle to communicate and have the mal brought to us without having to order.
All of our guides were very conscientious, spoke English well, and were very knowledgeable. We especially like our guide Dolkar in Tibet. She was very sensitive to our needs, especially when we were miserable with altitude sickness. She was very helpful and kind to us. She was also very knowledgeable in our tour and a pleasure to spend a week with.
The cars and drivers were also very good. They were on time,polite, and the cars were always clean. The driver in Tibet was especially good dealing with difficult road conditions.
Thank you again for organizing our amazing trip. We will recommend you highly to those traveling to China in the future.

Jennifer Wright

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