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Great Thanks and Some Suggestions for the Tour

Dear Julie,
I can't say enough positive things about the four guides, but I must give a special thanks to Linda in Beijing. This was the first trip outside the US for my two grandsons, ages 8 and 12. Linda quickly bonded with the two boys and helped them feel comfortable in your country. Lily, Alice, and Rachel continued that trend, further adding to the positive memories my grandsons have of the trip. With your guides help and encouragement, my oldest grandson, who speaks some Mandarin, got more comfortable using your language as the trip progressed. My daughter, son-in-law, and youngest grandson were also able to enhance their Mandarin speaking during the two weeks.
In planning the trip, I tried to focus on sights and activities the two boys would like. However, one of the positive aspects of arranging a private tour is the flexibility it provides. When my grandsons wanted to "swim in the Cube" at Beijing, Linda arranged. When I wanted to go back to the Hutong the last day to purchase some posters we had seen during the prior day's visit, Linda also arranged. When my grandsons wanted to "see the Global Center building in Chengdu", Alice arranged. She also arranged a visit to the Silk Museum in Chengdu, where we purchased a gorgeous silk embroidery picture. When my son-in-law wanted to ride in a sampan in the water town outside Shanghai, Rachel arranged. Rachel also made our trip to the airport easier, by riding with us on the Maglev, but arranging for the driver to meet us at the airport with the luggage. Lily, with her degree in Chinese history, is an excellent guide for the historical Xi'an. We will never forget her analogy of three of the cities we visited to a tree: "Xi'an is the roots, Beijing the branches, and Shanghai some of the new leaves". As an aside, the silk museums in Chengdu and Shanghai are distinctly different. The former focuses on production of silk material and embroidery from the thread. The latter focuses on production of the silk thread and comforters from the silk worms. Both are clearly worthwhile.
All the hotels were great. The Peninsula provided my two grandsons an excellent example of one of your country's more luxurious hotels.
At the end of the trip, I asked each of my grandsons which city and activities they liked the best:
The oldest liked Chengdu. His favorite activity was the Great Wall, then riding a bike around the Xi'an wall, then holding a panda in Chengdu. The youngest liked Chengdu. His favorite activity was also the Great Wall, then visiting the World Financial Center in Shanghai, then holding a panda.
The weather in Beijing and Xi'an was especially hot. But my two grandsons never complained and never slowed down. For me, that clearly illustrates how interesting a trip you arranged for my family. None of us wanted to miss seeing or doing all you had arranged, plus, as indicated above, spontaneously arranging additional things. You helped ensure the very positive impression my family now has of your country, with a clear commitment to come back in a 2 or 3 years to see more sights, with more activities, and hopefully speak more Mandarin.
Thanks for the memories.

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