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Gary's Wonderful China Vacation

I've been telling all my friends here about the wonderful trip that I had and how great everything was, but I forgot to tell you.
Starting with Jessica meeting my flight in Beijing, all of the guides were wonderful and knowledgeable. I liked their English names, their friendly personality and their willingness for me to have a very enjoyable time in China.

The hotels were more than I expected. Excellent by American standards.

All of the vehicles used to transport me to the various tourist sites, from and to the airports etc. were new, clean, comfortable, and operated by very capable people.

The buffet breakfasts at the hotels were good, the lunches that I was served while out on tour were excellent and the two dinners (Peking Duck & Dumplings) were outstanding, especially the dumplings.

The flights within China were easy to access and comfortable.

The Yangtze river cruise was excellent, especially after I upgraded to a suite.

My fondest memories will be the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors.

Thanks for making my China visit memorable and enjoyable.


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