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Gail Chukerbuti's 18 Days China Trip

Dear Judy,

Overall, we enjoyed our trip to china and your organization left a good impression on me.

Share our trip experience with you. The meals we had on tour were by and large very good except for the last meal we had in Bejing, on our way back from the Ming tombs. The best by far was the Peking Duck resturant we went to in Beijing. The best guides we had were Lobsang in Lhasa and Li in Guilin, these guides were genuinely concerned that we should enjoy ourselves and their english was very good. The other 2 guides in Beijing and Shanghai were average. The cars and drivers were good, the cars were very comfortable in fact. Above all, we had a wonderful holiday in China.

Thank you.Regads,

Gail Chukerbuti.

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