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Danya Godoy's China Tour Feedback

Dear Lily,

It was an amazing experience. Your company really made an effort to give the best of the best regarding places to visit, nights shows with the best seats and food in very good restaurants.
Overall, the food was very good, particularly at Beijing. However, In Xian, the first night, we went to a very popular restaurant for what we could see....there was a lot of local people, however, I guess the menu was a little bit exotic for us. In my opinion, the food was excellent overall. I hardly can say which one was the best, but I particularly enjoy the dim sum at the Xian show at dinner time.
I was impressed with all your guides. In their styles, Cathy, Cristina and Manuel had a very good knowledge of their cities. The driver was always on time, kept the car clean and was helpful with the luggage.
I would highly recommend this company for any trip in china. I don't have any negative comment regarding my trip. It went smoother than I could imagine. Although the guides were very young, we were impressed with their knowledge and they were very helpful even in things not related with the tour.
Thanks again for such a great time!

Danya Godoy

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