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Bill & Suzanne's Memorable China Tour

Hello Linda,

I am slow in responding to you as we went on to HK for a week and then Taiwan for a week on our own. We got back last week and have been fighting the old Jet-lag syndrome.
Our private tour of China through itourbeijing and working with you has been truely Exceptional in every respect. We had Outstanding Guides and Drivers; All of our flights were trouble-free; Our hotels were excellent for the most part; and, Seeing the beauty of China and making new friends was all that we were hoping it would be.
We can't stress how delighted we were with your Guides. They All went out of their way to make us feel comfortable, welcomed, and flexible in scheduling to meet our needs.
We were also delighted to stay in a number of hotels where we were the only Westerners and also had the opportunity to have Chinese lunches every day instead of Western food (we both love Chinese food and went to cooking school in Youngshou.)
We intentionally kept a full schedule each day as we wanted to see as much as possible and we achieved our goal. Even though we tired at times we had enough flexibility to catch up on sleep and recharge our batteries so to speak.
I can't thank you enough for your assistance and whole-heartedly recommend you and Dragon Delight to anyone looking for the chance to design their own tour of China with the support of a very professional and experienced company with the resources to provide All of the support services. We are giving your name to friends and family who may visit China in the near future. We will certainly contact you for our Next China excursion to see all of the places we missed this time.
With Very Best Regards

Bill & Suzanne

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