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Zhongdian tour is becoming more and more popular in China. Lots of travelers wade through a long way just expecting to enjoy the Zhongdian tour in a land of tranquil with ever-changing scenery. Zhongdian is the capital city of the Diqing Tibet Autonomous City, located at the conjunction of the Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet region. It was the former name of Shangri-La and is a primarily Tibetan county in northwestern Yunnan province in southwest China. It has been deemed as the 'Eden in dream' and has the borderless grassland, blue sky, tranquil rivers and the countless cows and sheep. Zhongdian remains an untainted natural paradise and retains a mysterious and bewitching characteristic.

Visitors to Zhongdian are sure to find themselves in a land where mysterious tranquility pervades every inch of the amazing scenery. The famous sights in Zhongdian are: the Ancient Town and Songzanlin Monastery. Guests can have an experience of the Tibetan life, culture, religion and cuisine. We kindly arrange Zhongdian city tour packages with tailor-made itinerary and competitive prices. If you find the Zhongdian tours on this page fail to meet what you expect, you can contact our tour advisors to organize for you the customized Zhongdian tours. When you take a tour to Diqing Tibet Autonomous City, Zhongdian tour is a must for you to have.

Zhongdian City Tours
  • 1-Day Zhongdian City Tour
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  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: Tiger Leaping Gorge in Zhongdian, the First Bend of Yangtze River in Zhongdian. Zhongdian is a place where m...

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Name:Zhongdian Tour Reply

Is Zhongdian and Shangri-La a same place? I'm a little bit confused about this. I plan to visit Yunnan next month. Please give suggestions. Thanks.

Name:Re: Zhongdian Tour

The another name of Zhongdian is Shangri-La, also a very famous tour city in Yunnan. Zhongdian tour has getting more and more popular now. What to see in Zhongdian is mainly related to Tibet culture. If you need any tour service, please contact us. We can provide an itinerary and quotation of Zhongdian tour that will make you satisfied.