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Zhaoxing tour has been discovered in recent years, and all visitors are amazed by its original appearance and local culture during their tours here.Zhaoxing was one of the most interesting villages in Guizhou. Zhaoxing is an old Dong village deeply hidden in the dense mountains. The ancient wooden architecture, century-old practices, the hospitable locals and the fertile terraced fields offer a welcome contrast to joyless, cemented modern cities. Zhaoxing has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records for its pure ethnic culture. Zhaoxing has a sub-tropical monsoon climate.

Zhaoxing is the largest Dong ethnic community in China.The town has been little touched by modernization, and its villagers live in their old timber-made houses, wear their traditional clothes and still practice their time-honored traditions. A tour of Zhaoxing will offer a brief taste of this fascinating and isolated Dong community.They only get about 700 visiters per year but that will be changing quickly with the addition of an airport nearby. As the leading tour operator in China, we kindly offer Zhaoxing tour packages for you to see the best of Zhaoxing. If none of the listed tours can meet your needs, welcome to contact us for customized tours to Zhaoxing.

Zhaoxing City Tours
  • 1-Day Zhaoxing Highlights Tour
  • Code:Zhaoxing01
  • From:USD70
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: Five Drum Towers, Dong Families. Zhaoxing Dong village is rested in a valley encircled by mountains, where t...

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Name:Zhaoxing Tour Reply

I'm interested in Zhaoxing tour very much after going through your website about Zhaoxing, Is it suitable for backpacking tour in Zhaoxing? I love hiking. Pls advice.

Name:Re: Zhaoxing Tour

Zhaoxing is suitable for hiking very much. You can arrive in Guilin first. After touring for couple of days, you can visit Zhaoxing by bus. The sightseeing in Zhaoxing is very beautiful. And there are also many distinctive hotels. Wish you a good trip in Zhaoxing.