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You should take a tour to Zhangjiajie National Park if you want to find a place where you can appreciate magnificent natural scenery, experience appealing folk custom as well as other thrilling tourist activities. As the leading tour operator in China, we kindly offer Zhangjiajie tour packages for you to see the best of this area. If you prefer a customized itinerary, please advise us your ideas and rough plan and we will give you a tailor-made tour to meet your satisfaction. Lying in the northwest of Hunan province, Zhangjiajie scenic area was recognized as the first national forest park in China in 1988 and was included in World Heritage list by NUESCO in 1992.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park not only boasts breathtaking natural landscape but also is rich in animal and plant resources. The park is famous for its strange peaks, quiet valleys and elegant forest. It is a popular tour destination of China attracting visitors from home and abroad. The tours to this wonderful land can be made in all seasons: In spring it is drowned by fragrance of brilliant flowers; In summer, it is the great resort for leisure and relaxation with cool wind; Mountains are decorated by red leaves and wild fruits in autumn whereas by glittering snow in winter. Different seasons show different sceneries in the park, which also make it an ideal destination for tour and vacation.

Zhangjiajie Tours Start in Beijing

  • 9-Day Zhangjiajie National Park Tour
  • Code:TOC391
  • From:USD1090
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Beijing, Zhangjiajie, Shanghai. The 9 days Zhangjiajie tour offers you a fully enjoyment to the nature wonder of Zhangjia...
  • 10-Day Zhangjiajie Exploration Tour
  • Code:TOC392
  • From:USD1170
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Beijing, Zhangjiajie, Changsha, Shanghai. This themed tour with Zhangjiajie as the highlight is suitable for those who is...

Zhangjiajie Tours Start in Shanghai

  • 12-Day China Landscape Beauty Tour
  • Code:TOC398
  • From:USD2120
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Shanghai, Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Zhangjiajie, Beijing. Zhangjiajie tour is well-renowned in China for its unique natural sc...

Zhangjiajie Tours Start in Guangzhou

  • 8-Day Zhangjiajie Essential Tour
  • Code:TOC399
  • From:USD970
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Guangzhou, Zhangjiajie, Shanghai. Highlights of this 8-Day Zhangjiajie tour is to explore the picturesque Zhangjiajie Nat...

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Name:Tour to Zhangjiajie National Park Reply

We are a party of 6 from Singapore and are exploring the possibility of going to Zhangjiajie National Park. Would be very grateful if you can help us to plan our tour.

Name:Re: Tour to Zhangjiajie National Park

We are glad to arrange you a tour to Zhangjiajie National Park. It is a quite large park and very beautiful. Please let us know where you will start this tour and how many days you are going to spend there. We have send you an initial itinerary for reference.