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We offer here different tours to Yichang that will be suitable for everyone. Our Yichang tour packages below are full service which includes private guide, hotel booking, cruise reservation, private picking up from ship to hotel, tour around Yichang and nearby towns. Thanks to its advantageous geographic location, Yichang has been defined as a distributing center, an important trading port and a transportation hub along the Yangtze river. For a very long time, it has been renown as "Gateway to the Three Gorges", and "Throat between Sichuan and Hubei". Today, Yichang remains a brisk river port of China, controlling the access to Chongqing City to its southwest.

If you have the chance to take a Yangtze River cruise tour, then Yichang should be the starting or ending point of your journey. As an ancient city with a history of more than 4,000 years, Yichang has abundant natural and historic sites. Mountains, caves, stone forests, and waterfalls form picturesque scenes that have brought visitors here for centuries. Top attractions in Yichang include Three Gorges Dam Project, Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project. Take advantage of our convenient and reasonable Yichang tour itineraries and learn more about the city's culture and social life. Don't waste your time by looking through maps and guides while you are in Yichang. Customize your Yichang tours before you go so you will have more time to enjoy and be in awe with the sightseeings.

Yichang City Tours
  • 1-Day Yichang City Tour
  • Code:Yichang01
  • From:USD60
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: Chinese Sturgeon Museum, City Wall. Yichang, situated in the center China and in the middle of the Yangtze R...
  • 1-Day Yichang Three Gorges Tour
  • Code:Yichang02
  • From:USD70
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: Three Gorges Dam Project, Chinese Sturgeon Museum. Yichang, situated in the center China and in the middle o...
  • 1-Day Yichang Gezhouba Project Tour
  • Code:Yichang03
  • From:USD70
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: Xiling Gorge. Yichang, situated in the center China and in the middle of the Yangtze River, is another impor...
  • Yichang Cruise & Airport Transfer
  • Code:Yichang04
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Transfer Service Involved: Yichang Airport-Hotel Transfer, Yichang Vehicle (Car, Van, Coach) Rental, Yichang Railway Station Trans...
Yichang Side Trips
  • 2-Day Side Trip to Wuhan
  • Code:Yichang11
  • From:USD160
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: Yellow Crane Tower,  Yangtze River. Wuhan, located at the confluence of the Yangtze River and Hanshui R...

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User Comments

Name:Yichang Tour Reply

I want to tour the three gorges dam and surroundings for good photos in Yichang. Pick up at hotel on November 8 at 10am, allow 5 hours before returning to Yichang port to catch up the cruise on the Yangtze River. Driver to stay with me all the time. Is it available?

Name:Re: Yichang Tour

It's available to make you a customized 1-day Yichang Tour involving in three gorges dam. The detail of this Yichang Tour has been attached in your email, please check if it can be satisfied.

Name:Yichang Tour Reply

Linda, I want to say thanks for making the arrangement for me to tour the three gorges dam area in Yichang on Monday, and a special thanks to the tour guide Sophia. I was very impressed with her knowledge, vivid personality ,and excellent command of the english language. Everything worked out well and met my expectations. The weather in Yichang was warm and sunny, perfect for sightseeing. We had a great day. Thanks again, Peter.

Name:Re: Yichang Tour

Hi Peter,thanks for your reply! It is nice to hear that you are satisfied with our Yichang tour service. If you also want to travel China in the future, welcome to contact us. We will continue to provide good service for you.