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Xuchang tour gains great popularity for visitors from home and abroad in recent years, so we provide here tailor-made Xuchang tour packages for your choice. Xuchang is situated in the central part of Henan Province, geographically called "The Central Plains". It enjoys a perfect geographical location and the convenient land transportation network with national railways, provincial highways, and county and township roads joining together, which make it easy to get in this city either for travel or for business. Awarded as "China's Excellent Tourism City" and "National Garden City", Xuchang boasts of a long history and a great number of celebrities and talents born here. It is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese nation and an inspiring place producing outstanding people.

Xuchang tour has its unique charms featuring its rich cultural resources of Kingdom of Wei in the period of "Three Kingdoms" between 196 and 221, which leaves a brilliant amount of cultural heritage and places of interest. Besides, the cultivation history of flowers and plants in Xuchang also boasts for over 1000 years, which won the honor to Xuchang as "the birthplace of Chinese flowers and plants". Xuchang has become a rare and valuable green SPA not only in Henan Province, but also nationwide. So why not take a tour to Xuchang before everyone?As the leading tour operator in China, we kindly provide Xuchang tour packages for you as below. Welcome to have a view of the list of Xuchang tour packages. Please feel free to contact us to design your own tours in Xuchang!

Xuchang City Tours
  • 1-Day Xuchang City Tour
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  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: Baling Bridge in Xuchang, Guan Temple  in Xuchang, Xuchang Museum. Xuchang is regarded as "China's Exce...

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Name:Xuchang Tour Reply

Hello, I work in an agriculture company based at New York. I'll go to Xuchang in Henan province next week. We have an agriculture base in Xuchang. Are there any tour attractions in Xuchang? Pls advice. Besides, I need an English-speaking guide, but don't need car, as my company can arrange this. Thanks.

Name:Re: Xuchang Tour

Xuchang used to the capital of Wei Kingdom, a famous city during Three Kingdoms Period, nearly 2000 years ago. We have no branch company in Xuchang right now. But if you need English-speaking guide, we can assign one from Zhengzhou. I suggest you to have a self-help tour in Xuchang, as Xuchang is not big and it's convenient to go anywhere.