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Tibet Tour is full of mysterious and unique culture, attracting all the guests from the world coming to join. It is one of the most adventurous, scenically stunning and physically demanding tours in the world through harsh conditions. Touring Tibet, meeting it's people and animals, learning about its culture and breathtaking scenery, visiting the majestic Potala Palace and beautiful Norbulingka Park, or trekking up to the Mt. Everest Base camp… all of these Tibetan items can give you a hand to touch with the civilization at this high altitude place and make it one of the most exciting experiences you could ever have.

A tour to Tibet exposes visitors to this untouched land with raw beauty of mountains and high deserts. No other destination provides as many unforgettable memories as Tibet: the stunning landscapes, unique religion and fascinating people. It is a lifetime trip of scenic and religious discovery, overwhelming culture, impressive ceremonies and monasteries all located in the breathtaking landscape of the Himalayas. We have years of experience helping outsiders tour this wonderful place, no matter you want to fly in or take the new high-speed train. Our Tibet Tour packages offer you  customized itineraries, the best accommodations, transportation and guide service around this remote highland.

Tibet Tours Start in Lhasa

  • 6-Day Tibet Train Excursion Tour
  • Code:TOC31
  • From:USD950
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destination: Lhasa, Xining. This 6-Day Tibet Tour will offer you a brief image of this mysterious land by visiting its holy capital cit...
  • 7-Day Tibet Classic Tour
  • Code:TOC32
  • From:USD1080
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destination: Lhasa, Gyangtse, Shigatse. The 7-day Tibet tour package covers the major sites of Lhasa and surroundings. Tibet, the myste...
  • 6-Day Tibet Highlights Tour
  • Code:TOC33
  • From:USD980
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destination: Lhasa, Yangpanchen, Damxung, Heavenly Lake Namtso. This 6 Day Tibet tour leads you to visit the highlights of this holy la...
  • 10-Day Tibet Essential Tour
  • Code:TOC34
  • From:USD1450
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destination: Lhasa, Yamdrok, Yumtso Lake, Gyangtse, Shigatse, Shegar, Zhangmu, Kathmandu. Just imagine your 10 Day tour to such a heave...
  • 10-Day Tibet Expedition Trip
  • Code:TOC35
  • From:USD2100
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destination: Lhasa, Yamdrok Yumtso Lake, Gyangtse, Shigatse, Shegar, Zhangmu, Kathmandu. This 10-day Tibet Adventure Tour is specifical...

Tibet Tours Start in Beijing

  • 9-Day Exploration Tour to Tibet
  • Code:TOC36
  • From:USD1570
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destination: Beijing, Lhasa, Shanghai. This history and culture exploration tour will take you to experience three of the most remarkab...
  • 11-Day Advanture Tour to Tibet
  • Code:TOC37
  • From:USD1650
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destination: Beijing, Xian, Lhasa, Shanghai. This 11-Day Mysterious Tibet Tour creats a gold route throughout the country allowing you ...
  • 14-Day Holy Trip to Tibet
  • Code:TOC38
  • From:USD2140
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destination: Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Lhasa, Guilin, Shanghai. This is a tour package to the most typical destinations in China includin...
  • 9-Day Train Discovery Tour to Tibet
  • Code:TOC40
  • From:USD1860
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destination: Beijing, Xining, Lhasa, Chengdu, Shanghai. This tour with the holy land of Tibet is arranged mainly by train. China has re...

Tibet Join-in Group TourMore...

  • 5-Day Tibet Join-in Group Tour
  • Code:TOC41
  • From:USD440
  • Trip Highlights - Lhasa Namtso Join-in Group Tour includes an excursion to Namtso Lake in the small group trip after exploring Lhasa. Namtso Lake, the second ...
  • 8-Day Tibet Join-in Group Tour
  • Code:TOC42
  • From:USD790
  • Trip Highlights - In this Join-in Group Tour to Mt. Everest Base Camp, you will immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Tibet and make friends fro...

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User Comments

Name:Usa L from Bangkok-Thailand Reply

Dear Sir . Do you have package tours for 4 persons as below :- 1. Take train for Xining to Lhasa and tour in Tibet. Start/Stop from Xining air port. 2. We prefer VIP soft sleep bed room. 2. The prefer date as April 10-17'2010 or April 11-18'2010. Is it possible in that period time ? 3. What day that have the train from Xinig to Lhasa ? So we can check air ticket first for 10-17 or 11-18 April. *** If you received this e-nail, Acknowledge Please. Best Regards Usa L.

Name:Lily from itourbeijing.com

Dear Usa L : This is Lily from itourbeijing.com. We are very glad to hear from you. And it's a great honor for us to give you a arrangement for your trip in Tibet China. For your questions: 1/ Ok, we will provide an tour itinerary for you to Tibet, start and stop at Xining according to your trip schedule. 2/ Yes, you can take the tour in April. 3/ there are trains avaliable every day between Xining and Lasha, so you can book your international flghts on any day. 4/ According your request, we made the tour itinerary , please check your mailbox. any question, please contact me.

Name:Tibet Tour in Aug. Reply

We are planning a trip to Tibet in 1st week of August this year. For this purpose I would like to get an example tour itinerary and a quote. Our requirements would be: 4 people, tour starting in Beijing, 8-9 days, All permits, tickets, hotels and transport included. Please also quote the currency and mode in which payment is to be made.

Name:Re: Tibet Tour in Aug.

We are very glad to hear from you. And it's a great honor for us to give you an arrangement for your Tibet Tour. I have made an initial tour itinerary for you, pleaes check and let me know your idea.

Name:Tibet Tour Reply

Hi! We are 2 french guys (father and son) and we would like to visit Tibet from June 2nd for about 10 days. May be we could visit Lhasa and its surroundings, Yamdrok lake, Gyantse, Shigatse, Shegar, Mt. Everest base camp. Could you help us organize this Tibet tour by telling me you advice about what is nice to see!? Could you also give us an estimation of the price for those 10 days! Thank you very much!!

Name:Tibet Travel Permit Reply

I would like to inquire how long it will take to get a Tibet permit for a Filipino national. Can we apply Tibet permit while we are still in the Philippines or we can apply when we get there? Hope you could respond as soon as possible.

Name:Re: Tibet Travel Permit

Hello. Thanks for your inquiry and we are very glad to answer your questions here. As far as know, you can only apply the Tibet Travel Permit in China through the Tibet Tourism Bureau. You have to send the necessary materials to the Tibet Tourism Bureau or the Tibet Travel Agency which would like to help you. Hope this can help you.