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Taipei tours are very popular in China now,not only mainland chinese but also more foreigners are intrested in Taipei tours.Taipei, one of the Asian 'tiger' cities that throbs with life day and night. Taipei and the surrounding countryside are filled with attractions that can keep visitors engaged for days. The city's metropolitan centre is rich with memorials and period structures that chronicle the city's colonial period and ensuing involvement with the Republic of China. Taiwan has a very rich traditional Chinese culture. The blending of hakka, Taiwanese, has produced a rich plethora of cultural and social colors.

Taipei is an area of historic remains in temples, towering mountains, restful lakes, beautiful waterfalls, hot springs and fantastic coastal rock formations. Taipei City is the center of tourism in the northern part of Taiwan Province. There are many other places of historic interest and scenic beauty, When you are taking a vacation in Taiwan, do not miss the opportunity to taste different Chinese cuisines. Take a Taiwan Tour to enjoy the scenery and culture. As the leading tour operator in China, we kindly offer Taipei tour packages for you to see the best of Taipei. If none of the listed tours can meet your needs, welcome to contact us for customized tours to Taipei.

Taipei City Tours
  • 1-Day Taipei Highlights Tour
  • Code:Taipei01
  • From:USD120
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: National Palace Museum, Longshan Temple. Taipei is the center of government and culture in Taiwan. During th...
  • 2-Day Taipei Standard Tour
  • Code:Taipei02
  • From:USD260
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: Shilin Night Market, National Palace Museum, Longshan Temple. Night markets are one of the distinctive featu...
  • Taipei Airport Transfer
  • Code:Taipei03
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Transfer Service Involved: Taipei Airport-Hotel Transfer, Taipei Vehicle (Car, Van, Coach) Rental, Taipei Railway Station Transfer...
Taipei Side Tours
  • 1-Day Side Trip to Tainan
  • Code:Taipei11
  • From:USD170
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: Baoguang Temple, Anping Old Castle. Tainan is a city in south west Taiwan. Tainan is the oldest city in Taiw...
  • 1-Day Side Trip to Gaoxiong
  • Code:Taipei12
  • From:USD210
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: Xizi Bay, Confucian Temple. Kaohsiung is the most densely populated and the second largest city in Taiwan. T...

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User Comments

Name:Taipei tour Reply

Can you make Taipei tour? I'm an Australian, living in Chengdu. Please suggest the best transportation way.

Name:Re: Taipei tour

If you want to visit Taipei from Chengdu, the best way is to take plane. There is the direct flight to Taipei now, and the price is not that expensive. There are many tour attractions in Taipei. You can visit Taipei, Gaoxiong and Tainan. We can make you a Taipei tour. Please let me know how long you prefer to stay in Taipei and which star hotel you want to use. Then, we can make you a customized Taipei tour at once.