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We offer themed Silk Road tours that trace the footprints of world's oldest trade route from Xi'an to Kashgar discovering its influences on the culture of China, Asia and the West. Come to tour along the ancient trade route, imagine its apex in the history and experience the mystique and romance of the Silk Road Tours. Silk Road, a traditional and mysterious route connected the Eastern and Western brings the wealth, culture exchange and ethnic immigration for both sides. Established around 2000 years ago, the ancient Silk Road once played an most important role in exchange of both trade and culture between the regions and countries along it. To have a good preparation for your Silk Road tour, you need to learn some practical information.

The total length of the Silk Road is over 7000km, over half of which is within China. From its starting point in Xian, Silk Road stretches between three continents and thousands of kilometres to Dunhuang, through Turpa, Kashgar and into modern Afghanistan, Iran and Syria and finally gets to the east bank of the Mediterranean Sea and Eastern Europe. Along the tours, you can visit the ancient trading centers, the ancient cities around Taklamakan Desert and witness the bazaars and culture of the Uighur minority. These Silk Road tour packages will take you through rugged landscapes to distant cities that are quite different from the eastern metropolises. You will catch a glimpse how east and west met hundreds of years ago.

Silk Road Tours Start in Urumqi

  • 8-Day Silk Road Adventure Tour
  • Code:TOC61
  • From:USD1110
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Urumqi, Kashgar, Tashkorgan. This is a classic Silk Road Tour especially made for those who are interested in exploring t...
  • 11-Day Silk Road Expedition Tour
  • Code:TOC62
  • From:USD1400
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Urumqi, Kashgar, Kalakuli, Kashgar, Hetian, Yutian, Korla, Turpan. It is a fascinating adventure tour along the Chinese s...

Silk Road Tours Start in Beijing

  • 10-Day Silk Road Legend Tour
  • Code:TOC63
  • From:USD1610
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Beijing, Dunhuang, Xian, Shanghai. This is a legend tour along the ancient Chinese Silk Road. Being the most important tr...
  • 13-Day Silk Road Exploration Tour
  • Code:TOC64
  • From:USD1760
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Beijing, Urumqi, Turpan, Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Xian, Shanghai. In this 13 days tour, you will have an unusual impression b...

Silk Road Tours Start in Xian

  • 10-Day Silk Road Legend Tour
  • Code:TOC65
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Xian, Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Zhangye, Wuwei , Lanzhou,Tianshui.This is a legend tour along the ancient Chinese Silk Road. B...

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Name:Adventure Tour to Silk Road Reply

Hi, I am from Malaysia. I am considering a backpack adventerous tour along silk road, less air transport, more ground transport to experience the local life style. Budgeted accomodations. Do you have any suggestion and what will the expenses like for this kind of tour?

Name:Re: Adventure Tour to Silk Road

Hi, we are glad to offer such Silk Road Tour to you. Before we give the proper itinerary and quotation, could we confirm with you some details, such as how many people you are coming; when is your desired dates of this tour; do you request a private tour or join-in tour?