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Appealing Shenzhen Tours will turn your oriental fantasy into a pleasure reality as you see its countless attractions with our selected tour packages. Set on the south of coastal Guangdong, Shenzhen faces Hong Kong in the south at a distance of 35 kilometers. With a eventful historic background that goes as far back as 6000 years, Shenzhen has grown from a fishing village into a metropolis in less than 25 years. A mild climate and beautiful scenery ensure the delights of your tour to this Garden City. With our well-designed arrangements and quality service, you are certain to enjoy your tour in this special economic region. Having a good reputation for shopping and tourism, Shenzhen boasts several spectacular scenic spots.

Besides the existing historic attractions and natural beauty, Shenzhen has creates a number of excellent theme parks which entertain while teaching visitors about China and the world. Tours to Shenzhen can be enriched by the shopping to the local markets and buy everything from fragrant perfume bottles, Chinese silks and other Chinese crafts. What is the image of Shenzhen in one's mind? A busy city with big crowds of people, ambitious businessmen, dazzling neon lights, fashionable high-heeled girls and electronics plazas. Or a paradise both for struggle and enjoyment of life. Whatever, when speaking of Shenzhen, people always have a mutual agreement that it is a favorite tour destination for the holiday makers.

Shenzhen City Tours
  • 1-Day Shenzhen Hights Tour
  • Code:Shenzhen01
  • From:USD50
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: China Folk Culture Village, Splendid China. If you want to add one day tour in Shenzhen, that will be a good...
  • 2-Day Shenzhen Luxury Tour
  • Code:Shenzhen02
  • From:USD140
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: China Folk Culture Village, Splendid China. If you want to add one day tour in Shenzhen, that will be a good...
  • Shenzhen Airport Transfer
  • Code:Shenzhen03
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Transfer Service Involved: Shenzhen-Hong Kong Transfer, Shenzhen Airport Pick up, Shenzhen Airport-Hotel Transfer, Shenzhen Vehicl...
Shenzhen Side Trips
  • 1-Day Side Trip to Dongguan
  • Code:Shenzhen06
  • From:USD90
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: The Great Ancestral Temple for Family Xie, Temple of the Hundred-Year-Old Man, Keyuan Garden. Dongguan Munic...
  • 1-Day Side Trip to Humen
  • Code:Shenzhen07
  • From:USD90
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: Humen Sea Warfare Museum, the Memorial Hall of Linzhexu, Humen Park, Humen Bridge. Also known as Hutoumen, H...

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User Comments

Name:Regarding A Day Tour of ShenZhen Reply

Hi, I would like to know is there any 1 day tour of Shenzhen starting from either Hong Kong Train Station or ShenZhen train station? For the 1 day tour, can we visit places like "window of the world", "Splendid China-Folk Culture Village", "Happy Valley", "Da MeiSha and Xiao Meisha Scenic"? If have, can I know the price? It is for 3 adults. Thank You.

Name:Re: Regarding A Day Tour of ShenZhen

Hi, we would like to provide you a day tour of Shenzhen starting from Shenzhen train station. Because your time limit, you can not visit all the sites you mentioned just in one day. I have made a feasible tour itinerary to you according to your situation, please check.

Name:Shenzhen Tour Reply

I would like to know the availability for 1-Day Shenzhen Highlights Tour of the China Folk Culture Village-the Splendid China on 16th February, 2010. I have 13 persons here, please quote me the best price&email me the full itinerary/time table as well.Thanks

Name:Re: Shenzhen Tour

Hello, this Shenzhen tour is available during your desired dates. I have made an tour itinerary and give the quotation on base of your 13 persons. Please check it in your mail.