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Jilin tour is famous for its history and the natural scenery around. We have made a pleasant Jilin tour packages on our following pages for you if you want to take a Jilin tour. Jilin City is situated in the central area of Jilin province, which shares a borderline with Heilongjiang Province to the north, Liaoning Province to the south, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to the west, Russia to the east and North Korea to the southeast. Jilin City is a famous historical and cultural city and the only one sharing the same name with the province in China. Jilin City is named the "historical and cultural city in China" by the State Council.

Jilin City is abundant in natural and mineral resources. It is surrounded by mountains, with the famous Songhua River passing through. The rolling waves of the Songhua River, a boundless stretch of plain feature the city, which will make soft rime when winter comes. Soft rime in Jilin is one of the four marvelous natural phenomena in China. For the scenery around Jilin City, the most famous attraction definitely goes to the Heavenly Lake (Tianchi) in Changbaishan. As the leading tour operator in China, we sincerely provide Jilin City tour packages and Jilin side trips. If you find the Jilin tours on the following pages are not what you expect, please don't hesitate to contact us, we'll arrange you a tailor-made Jilin tour!

Jilin City Tours
  • 1-Day Jilin Highlights Tour
  • Code:Jilin01
  • From:USD60
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions in Jilin involved: Meteorite Museum, Middle Songjiang Road, and Century Square. Jilin City is situated in the central ...
  • 2-Day Jilin Standard Tour
  • Code:Jilin02
  • From:USD130
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions in Jilin City involved: Meteorite Museum, Middle Songjiang Road, and Century Square. Jilin Province is situated in the...
Jilin Side Trips
  • 2-Day Side Trip to Changbaishan
  • Code:Jilin07
  • From:USD200
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: Changbaishan nearby Jilin City. Jilin province has so much to offer in natural beauty and resources, such as...
  • 2-Day Side Trip to Yanji
  • Code:Jilin08
  • From:USD200
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions Involved: Yanji People' Park and Youth Lake Park. This Jinlin side trip offers a 2-Day tour to Yanji. Yanji City, the ...

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Name:Jilin Tour Reply

Is there anything interesting in Jilin? How long will it take from Harbin to Jilin?

Name:Re: Jilin Tour

Jilin is near from Harbin. It only takes 2 hours by train. Jilin is a famous city in northeast china. You can see the well-known rime scenery as well as Songhuajiang River and Taibai Mountain which nearby Jilin. And you can go skiing in winter If time permit, it's better to have a tour in Jilin. Besides, we could provide you a customized itinerary.