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These themed Hainan Island Tours are just perfect for those who want to have a escape from noisy cities and enjoy a vacation on sunny beach. Compared with the other typical tour cities in China, Hainan is the the smallest land province of the country and lacks the grandness of Beijing, the mystery of Xian and the modern rhythm of Shanghai. But it is an ideal place for the vacation and entertainment. Its natural beauty has been widely known around the world. Lay on the soft beach under beautiful sunshine or walk through the coconut plantation under the blue sky… That’s what a Hainan tour has to offer. Besides, Hainan Island is also famous for the successful hosting of the Asia Boao Forum and Miss World Competition.

This is where people call it "the Oriental Hawaii".The attractive point of the Hainan tour is its beautiful scenery of sunshine, beach and sea. In the tours of Hainan, you can view the blue sky and the blue sea from the island, which gives you a sense of feeling that the sky and sea are connected and melted to each other. With its pleasant weather and sandy beaches, Hainan Island has developed into an ideal tropical resort offering water sports and sun bathing all year round. Tianya Haijiao and Dadonghai attract lots of tourists annually. If you want to experience this enjoyment and relaxation, start planing your Hainan Tour from here! We provide popular tour packages below for your option.

Hainan Tours Start in Beijing

  • 9-Day Hainan Sunny Island Vacation
  • Code:TOC331
  • From:USD1060
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Sanya in Hainan Island, Beijing, Shanghai. This Hainan Island Tour provide you a great beach vacation in the Oriental Haw...
  • 11-Day Hainan Beach Holidays
  • Code:TOC332
  • From:USD1660
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Sanya in Hainan Island, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong. The tour to Hainan Island will make you oriental dream of enjoying ...
  • 11-Day Hainan Island Leisure Tour
  • Code:TOC333
  • From:USD1370
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Sanya in Hainan Island, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong. This is a tour package invites you to the sunny Hainan Island and ...

Hainan Tours Start in Shanghai

  • 10-Day Relaxing Hainan Island Tour
  • Code:TOC337
  • From:USD1340
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Sanya in Hainan Island, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong. This Hainan Island Tour is suitable for you, if you are seeking a...

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User Comments

Name:Sunny Hainan Island Tour Reply

I am interested in your 9 Day sunny hainan tour. I have a question, is it possible for the private tour to start in Shanghai, and then going to Sanya? I am planning on travelling from June 23 to July 3. How much approximately would the tour be if I am interested in the Deluxe Class travel? Thank you very much for your time.

Name:Re: Sunny Hainan Island Tour

Thank you for booking this Hainan Tour. It will be a private tour only for you. We will make it into a romantic and stress-free tour for you.

Name:Hainan Island Tour Reply

We are going to Hainan Island on the Feb 2011 (12 persons ). Pl work out the itinerary for us & the price in RMB, we prefer the package include Whole island tour ( famous tourist attraction ) local meals with famous local food & seafood. Thank you.

Name:Hainan Island Tour Reply

I want to book 9 day tour package of Beijing-Sanya Islands of Hainan for two people. We would like to go for Standard package. Could you please send me the details soon. If we find a good deal we might upgrade the tour to deluxe package.

Name:Hainan Tour Reply

Do you have any recommendations for me to Hainan of China?

Name:Re:Hainan Tour

Thanks for your asking. There are many scenic spots worth of visiting in Hainan. I will recommend some of them to you: first is The Savage Valley,which is he last-found primitive tribe and you will experience a different world; second is Boao Conference Site, which is a must-seeing attraction; third is The Boundary Island, where the environment is very beautiful. Of course, you can also visit some other places in Hainan.

Name:The Boundary Island Travel Reply

Do you have any special recommendation of Hainan tour?

Name:Re:The Boundary Island Travel

I think the Boundary Island is a good choice. Because the residents on the island had been forests, flowers, stones and caves until that a company invested 38 million yuan to develop it in 2002. Surrounded by blue sea water and shadowed by woods, adding silvery beach and red roof, the Boundary Island turned lovely and elegant.