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Hailar tour is one of the most beautiful travel tour options in China. Want to ride a horse under the azure sky, on the enormous green grassland, breathing the fresh air in the picturesque scenery? Take the Haiar tour. Hailar is situated in the northern reaches of Inner Mongolia, inside the Hulunbuir Prefecture. Well known as "the pearl on the grassland", Hailar gains its name from Hailar River. With Municipal Party Committee and government of Hulunbuir sitting in Hailaer, Hailar is the center of politics, economy, culture, tourism and transportation. Hailar Airport is just 7km away from the city of Hailar proper.

Hailar owns Inner Mongolia's most interesting and beautiful scenery, including the infinite grasslands and the Hulun Lake. Visitors have the opportunity to ride horses, eat traditional Mongolian dishes, and enjoy the outdoors in a yurt (tent). For its culture features, Hailar boasts the ethnic diversity with 25 different resident minority groups within the area. If you decide to Inner Mongolia for pleasure, Hailar tour is a must. We kindly offer Hailar tour packages with competitive rates and perfect arrangements for your choices. Hailar tour will be sure one memorable experience to let the natural colors feast your eyes when you personally in the picturesque scenery!

Hailar City Tours
  • 1-Day Hailar Highlights Tour
  • Code:Hailar01
  • From:USD100
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: Hulun Lake near Hailar. Well known as "the pearl on the grassland", Hailar is located in the northern reache...
  • Hailar Airport Transfer
  • Code:Hailar02
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Transfer Service Involved: Hailar Airport Pick up Service, Hailar Airport-Hotel Transfer, Hailar Vehicle (Car, Van, Coach) Rental,...
Hailar Side Trips
  • 2-Day Side Trip to Manzhouli
  • Code:Hailar07
  • From:USD150
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: Sino-Russian Trade Zone and the State Gate in Manzhouli. Manzhouli is a small, modern town, located in the n...

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User Comments

Name:Hailar Tour Reply

It is said that the grassland of Hailar is the most beautiful one in China.I am a student overseas in China.We are a group of 7 persons and want to tour Hailar. Please make us a budget tour itinerary.

Name:Re: Hailar Tour

Yes, the grassland in Hailar is the most beautiful one in China. Hailar is close to the Greater Khingan Range. High season to tour Hailar is during summer vacation and the Mongolian yurts are very limited, so you need book in advance. Another attraction in Hailar is also very famous, named Lake Hulun, I have arranged it in your itinerary. Welcome to contact us whenever you need.