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Haikou tour is popular tour in China now,thousands of mainland's tourists take tours to Haikou everyday. Haikou stands at the northern end of Hainan Island, on the west bank of the Nandu River estuary. This river is the longest on the island and the city's name appropriately means 'Mouth of the Sea'. Pleasant broad palm-lined streets, French colonial architecture, Tang and Song Dynasty monuments and memorials all make for an attractive backdrop to the everyday hustle and bustle of life in this port, with Han mainland immigrants mixing it up with Li and Miao ethnicities.

There are modern and convenient public transport facilities and all that is best in a tropical seaside city that is pollution free and that meets the needs of the tourist in a friendly and welcoming way. Besides its natural resources, Haikou has a number of important sites of historical interest. Haikou has evolved from a simple sightseeing city to an attractive seaside resort and business center. As the leading tour operator in China, we kindly offer Haikou tour packages for you to see the best of Haikou. If none of the listed tours can meet your needs, welcome to contact us for customized tours to Haikou.

Haikou City Tours
  • Half-Day Haikou Leisure Tour
  • Code:Haikou01
  • From:USD30
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: Wugong Temples, Tomb of Hai Rui. Haikou is easily skipped over by some guide books, because most travelers h...
  • 1-Day Haikou City Tour
  • Code:Haikou02
  • From:USD60
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: Xiuying Cannons Fortification, Five official Memorial Temple, Hainan Island Volcanic Crater and Hainan Tropi...
  • Haikou Airport Transfer
  • Code:Haikou03
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Transfer Service Involved: Single or Round-trip Haikou Airport pick up and Transport Service, Haikou Vehicle (Car, Van, Coach) Ren...

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User Comments

Name:Haikou Tour Reply

How far from Haikou to Sanya? I want to tour Hainan, but so far only find flight to Haikou. Can you give me some suggestions? We are 2 persons from Ukraine. Is there any good beach in Haikou? If so, we would like to spend a couple of days in Haikou as well.

Name:Re: Haikou Tour

Haikou is the provincial capital of Hainan Province. If your flight can only reach in Haikou, you can do a 3-day Haikou, Sanya, Xinglong tour and arrive in Sanya as the last stop. Then you can enjoy the beach and sunshine to the most. I have sent the 3-day Haikou Sanya tour itinerary in your email, and will be awaiting your reply. P.S. There are nice beaches in Haihou, but the temperature in Haikou is too low in Januarary, not good for swimming.