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Gyangtze tour is a very important section in Tibet and famous among millions of tourists and pilgrims around and from afar. Strategically located in the ancient trade route, the Nyang River, Gyantse is the third largest city in Tibet. Gyangtse is known for making the best Tibetan carpets, thick and strong, heat-preserving and waterproof made from pure Tibetan wools. Many of the carpets use traditional Tibetan designs in the weaving and are very unique to the region. Gyantse tour is kinda popular in China and has to be put on your agenda of adventures.

As an old city with huandreds of years history. Therefore comparing with other cities in Tibet, Gyantse relatively possesses more places of interest. The Gyangtze tour packages mainly include the Pelkor Chode Monastery and the Gyantse Dzong. The Gyantse Kumbum is the most well known tour attraction in Gyantse all year long. Summer brings in a lot of tourists while winter is quite slow. Gyantse has several good hotels to choose from and several good restaurants with English menu's. If you are trying to find a trustworthy tour operator, please feel free to contact us, we would love to make you a wonderful tour package.

Gyangtse City Tours
  • 1-Day Gyangtse Highlight Tour
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  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: Pelkhor Chode (Kumbum), known as 'monastery with praying wheel', is the most famous monastery in Gyantse and...
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Name:Gyangtse Tour Reply

I heard Kumbum Dagoba is very gorgeous. Is it in Gyantse? If I want to visit Gyantse, please advice how I can get there. Thx.

Name:Re: Gyangtse Tour

Hello, Kumbum Dagoba is in Pelkhor Chode which is located in Gyantze. We suggest bus transfer from Lhasa and stay one night in Gyantze where you can also visit Gyantze Tsong Bung.