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This themed tour is combined with two of China's most energetic cities, the "Orient Pearl" of Hong Kong and the China modern mega cities of Guangzhou. You can fell a strong sense of livingness in China during your tours. Guangdong province and Hong Kong are all in the south part of China. Guangdong tour is famous for its annual Canton Fair, which brings ten thousands businessmen come to the party and invest in the province. The tour of Hong Kong, regarded as one of the economy centers in East Asia, is famous for its flourishing business investment environment and attracts more and more visitors come and live. These two cities have close relationships with each other. Hong Kong's Cantonese-speaking people originally came from Guangdong province. Today, its capital, Guangzhou, as one of China's special economic zones, is one of the most important industrial and trading centres in southern China. There are regular catamaran service, efficient expressway as well as rail links between Guangzhou and Hong Kong. This Guangzhou & Hong Kong Tour will give you the essence of roaring southern China.

Guangdong & Hong Kong Tours Start in Guangzhou

  • 6-Day Guangdong & Hong Kong Tour
  • Code:TOC362
  • From:USD740
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong. This tour is arranged to show guests the impression of very southern China, including Gua...
  • 8-Day South China Exploration Tour
  • Code:TOC363
  • From:USD1150
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Macau and Hong Kong. This tour will bring you an intensive tour to the Southern China Region...

Guangdong & Hong Kong Tours Start in Hong Kong

  • 5-Day Canton & Hong Kong Trip
  • Code:TOC365
  • From:USD560
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macau. China is such a diverse country in nature, culture, and ethnics. During this tour, you wil...
  • 8-Day South China Splendor Tour
  • Code:TOC367
  • From:USD1150
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Hong Kong, Macau, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou. This is an exciting tour taking you to the southern China. You will enjoy ...

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User Comments

Name:GuangDong & Hong Kong Tour Reply

i would like to know the cost for this tour. will there be a tour scheduled around this time since it is chinese new year? we will be taking the train from Shenzhen going to Hong Kong making day 1 of trip on the date above. best regards, joan

Name:Re: GuangDong & Hong Kong Tour

There’s no problem for us to provide you a Hong Kong Tour from Guangdong during the Chinese new year. One question: the train ticket to Hong Kong will be reserved by yourself or us? Please check the tour itinerary attached in your mail.

Name:Guangzhou and Hong Kong Tour Reply

Hi Your Guangzhou and HK tours appear very interesting. We are visiting Hong Kong and Guangzhou during April 2010. Please offer your lowest rates for the following tours. This is for 2 adults and 2 children of age 16 years and 13 years. Do we have a English speaking tour guide for full day on all days of the tour? What type of food is served during the tour and at what class of Hotels?

Name:Re: Guangzhou and Hong Kong Tour

Glad to know that you are interested in our Guangdong&Hong Kong Tour package. The English tour guide will be full of use during your tour. We always arrange Chinese food for tours if there’s no specific requirements. And for the first quote, we offer 4 star hotels. We have customized an itinerary for your family, please check your email.