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A tour to Dunhuang is truly extraordinary that is steeped in historic traditions. Presenting the glory, mystery and beauty is the theme of Dunhuang Tours. As one of China's most important ancient trading posts, the oasis of Dunhuang lay at a crucial junction of the Silk Road, stretching for more than 7,000 kilometers from China to the Mediterranean, which served as a bridge for merchandise, religious, cultural and artistic. Let's see what you can find in the tour to Dunhuang: the hub of the legendary Silk Road of ancient times is endowed with world's richest treasure house of Buddhist sutras, murals and sculptures. Many foreigners know Dunhuang because of the Silk Road passing through it. But actually, a Dunhuang tour can offer more for you to explore.

Dunhuang is a typical tourist city and famous for the splendid and profound ancient culture of Silk Road. History has endowed the city with abundant historical sites and cultural heritage. The magnificent Mogao Grottos are the reminder of Dunhuang's flourish. Along with the beautiful Echoing-sand Dune and the Crescent Lake, these highlights of the city will be all included in your Dunhuang tour packages. From the crumbling walls, you can still feel the town's grandeur and military importance in ancient time. Having a tour of Dunhuang is just like reading a history book, in which you will get vivid pictures of China's flourished past. Follow Dunhuang Tours, you will gain memorable experience. Alternatively you can go to our China Theme Tours page to find a tour including this city.

Dunhuang City Tours
  • 1-Day Dunhuang Highlights Tour
  • Code:Dunhuang01
  • From:USD75
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions in Dunhuang involved:  the Echoing-Sand Mountain, Crescent Moon Lake, Mogao Grottoes. Dunhuang is located at the ...
  • 2-Day Dunhuang Standard Tour
  • Code:Dunhuang02
  • From:USD140
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions in Dunhuang involved:  the Echoing-Sand Mountain, Crescent Moon Lake, and Mogao Grottoes. The main theme of Dunhu...
  • 3-Day Dunhuang Discovery Tour
  • Code:Dunhuang03
  • From:USD230
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions in Dunhuang involved:  the Echoing-Sand Mountain, Crescent Moon Lake, and Mogao Grottoes. All the tourist sites a...
  • Dunhuang Airport Transfer
  • Code:Dunhuang04
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Transfer Service Involved: Single or Round-trip Dunhuang Airport pick up and Transport Service, Dunhuang Vehicle (Car, Van, Coach)...
Dunhuang Side Trips
  • 1-Day Side Trip
  • Code:Dunhuang11
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: Yumenguan Pass, Yangguan Pass, Dunhuang Yardang National Geologic Park. Dunhuang is a typical tourist city a...

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User Comments

Name:Dunhuang Tour Reply

We come from Japan. We will be in Beijing for an exhibition next month. We have 2 days free and want to visit Dunhuang especially Mogao Grotto. I have seen many photos of Mogao Grottoes. It is gorgeous! Please arrange for me. Look forward to hearing from you.

Name:Re: Dunhuang Tour

Glad to hear from you. Dunhuang is a mysterious place indeed. If you plan to start from Beijing, you can fly to Dunhuang by an early flight, and then visit Mogao Grottoes and Crescent Spring on the second day. Afterwards, go back to Beijing by an evening flight from Dunhuang. The detail itinerary and the quotation have been sent to your Email. Besides, just make you notice that the weather of Dunhuang is very dry with a high temperature in day time.