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The tour packages to Datong will offer you an lifetime encounter. Different Datong tour itineraries have been carefully arranged based on its outstanding attractions. As the second largest city in Shanxi Province, Datong is situated in the far north, near the border with Inner Mongolia, a 6-hour train ride or 5-hour drive from Beijing. Now it has been developed into the second largest industrial city of Shanxi Province and known as City of the Coal. Most people would like to take Datong as an indurstry city rather than a tour destination. However, its glorious history and culture have left so many precious relics of which Datong should be proud. More and more people have started planning tours to feed their rising curiosity about this city.

Highlights of the Datong tour includes: Yungang Cave, one of China's four most famous Buddhist Grottoes; Hanging Temple, leaning over a near vertical rock and suspended by a few wooden beams. What's more, the Nine Dragon Screen and Mount Heng will also leave you deep impressions. Besides seeing the abundant historical relics, you will also have a chance to view the unique natural beauty of Datong during your tours. Sceneries here are all very majestic and grand. Strolling in this ancient city which was founded in 200BC, you will have the chance to explore its flourished past and booming future. Wecome to Datong! A tour to Datong will surely worth your money and time.

Datong City Tours
  • 1-Day Datong Popular Tour
  • Code:Datong01
  • From:USD50
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions in Datong involved: Yungang Grottoes, Huayan Monastery, and the Nine Dragon Wall. Datong is the second largest city in...
  • 2-Day Datong Discovery Tour
  • Code:Datong02
  • From:USD110
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions in Datong involved: the Wooden Pagoda, Hanging Temple, Yungang Caves, Datong Nine Dragon Wall, Jiuhua Temple. As the s...
  • Datong Airport Transfer
  • Code:Datong03
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Transfer Service Involved: Single or Round-trip Datong Airport pick up and Transport Service, Datong Vehicle (Car, Van, Coach) Ren...
Datong Side Trips
  • 2-Day Side Trip to Mt. Wutai
  • Code:Datong08
  • From:USD180
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions involved: Mt. Wutai. If you have plenty time for your Datong sightseeing, we suggest you taking a side trip to the are...

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Name:Datong Tour Reply

Hello, I just have a question about the Datong tour. Do you travel by train to get to Datong from Beijing? Regards Vanessa Alvarado

Name:Re: Datong Tour

Dear Ms.Vanessa Alvarado, thanks for your inquiry about our Datong tour. Yes, it is available to take train from Beijing to Datong. And it takes about more than 6 hours to get Datong by train from Beijing.

Name:Datong Tour Reply

Hi, I'm interested in your Datong tour very much. Just one question,our flight arrives in Datong on the morning of the 13th, is it possible to be picked up from the Datong airport instead of from the hotel? Thanks! - Ashlee & Karmun

Name:Re: Datong Tour

Hello, Ashlee and Karmun. There is no problem to pick you up at Datong airport. I have made an itinerary of Datong tour, please check if it can be satisfied and let us know your decision. Welcome to contact us anytime.