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Chengdu Tour sounds attractive with the home to China's living treasures - Giant Pandas. Natural habitat of the giant panda and the place where delicate local snacks are among the highlights of our Chengdu tour packages. As the capital of the "Heavenly State" - Sichuan Province, Chengdu is endowed with breath-taking scenery, unique wildlife, remarkable local culture and wonderful spicy cuisine. There has the world's largest panda reserve, the world's tallest Buddha statue in Leshan, Mountain Emei which is one of China's four holy Buddhist mountains, the majestic Dujiangyang Irrigation System which is world's oldest surviving grand-scale irrigation infrastructure…Chengdu is also well known for its local women of a sweet and charming nature benefitted by the local carefree life. You can get a different feeling when taking Chengdu tour. It's a city of slow pace life, dotted here and there with various kinds of teahouses. Many Chengdu citizens idle the afternoons away drinking tea and playing cards in the open air. We have prepared several Chengdu tours for your reference.

Chengdu City Tours
  • 1-Day Chengdu Highlights Tour
  • Code:Chengdu01
  • From:USD70
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions Involved: Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, Wuhou Temple, Dufu Thatched Cottage, Wangjiang Tower. This would...
  • 1-Day Chengdu Panda Tour
  • Code:Chengdu02
  • From:USD95
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions Involved: Ya'an Bifengxia Panda Reserve. Chengdu is the natural home of the Panda and features the world famous Panda ...
  • 2-Day Chengdu City Tour
  • Code:Chengdu03
  • From:USD160
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions Involved: Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, Wuhou Temple, Dufu Thatched Cottage, Wangjiang Tower. This Cheng...
  • 3-day Chengdu Discovery Tour
  • Code:Chengdu04
  • From:USD200
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions Involved: Chengdu Sanxingdui Museum, Ya'an Bifengxia Panda Reserve. This a Chengdu tour package combined natural habit...
  • 4-Day Chengdu Natural Beauty Tour
  • Code:Chengdu06
  • From:USD265
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions Involved: Mount Emei, Leshan Great Buddha, Du Fu's Cottage, Wangjiang Tower, Panda Reserve at Futoushan. This tour is ...
  • Chengdu Airport Transfer
  • Code:Chengdu07
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Transfer Service Involved: Chengdu Airport Pick up Service, Chengdu Airport-Hotel Transfer, Chengdu Vehicle(Car, Van, Coach) Renta...
Chengdu Side Trips
  • 1-Day Side Trip to Sanxingdui Ruins
  • Code:Chengdu11
  • From:USD70
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions Involved: Chengdu Sanxingdui Ruins. This Chengdu side trip provides a day tour to the Sanxingdui Ruins. Chengdu, the l...
  • 1-Day Side Trip to Leshan
  • Code:Chengdu12
  • From:USD90
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions Involved: Chengdu Leshan Giant Buddha. This a Chengdu side trip offers a day tour to the magnificent Leshan Giant Budd...
  • 1-Day Side Trip to Zigong
  • Code:Chengdu13
  • From:USD50
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions Involved: Zigong Dinosaur Museum and Salt History Museum. This a Chengdu side trip offers a day tour to Zigong. Chengd...
  • 2-Day Side Trip to Mt. Emei
  • Code:Chengdu14
  • From:USD140
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions Involved: Sichuan Emei Mountain, Leshan Great Buddha. This Chengdu side trip provide a 2-Day tour to the Emei Mountain...

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User Comments

Name:Joey Reply

Hello. By end of next week, or soon after, I want to go on a tour in Chengdu for about 8 to 10 days. The tour should include all the sights in Chengdu, jiuzhaigou, dujiangyan and the Zoo with panda bears. Besides, during the tours in Chengdu, I would like to taste the traditional food with less pepper. I am just a single person without partners. Can you make me an offer? Some suitable itinerary for me?


This is Chris, a tour operator from itourbeijing. Nice to read your message. As you know, after the serious Wenchuan Earthquake in May,2008, dujiangyan has been damaged. Now the area is still an unopened spot for travelers. So, you may change your route. About Jiuzhaigou, it is one of the most expensive tour place for travelers. Since you are going to the tour only yourself. You should occupy a single room,private car, guide and so on. I will send the tour itinerary to your mailbox. Could you give me your mail address? What's more, food with less pepper is no problem.

Name:Chengdu Tour Reply

I will be traveling to Chengdu 23-26 March. Would like to visit the Panda Reserve and the Leshan Great Buddha during the two day visit, in addition to any other attractions that will fit into our time schedule.

Name:Re: Chengdu Tour

It is our honor to arrange this 2-Day Chengdu Tour of Panda Reserve and Leshan Buddha for you. The Wolong Panda Reserve has been closed since the Sichuan Earthquake in 2008. So we'll arrange you another one: Bifengxia Panda Reserve in Ya'an. Please check the itinerary and quotation sent to your email.

Name:Chengdu Tour Reply

Dear sir, we (12 persons) will visit chengdu on 17-5-2010 to 26-5-2010. Pls give a reasonable price include food, hotel, transport and travelling. We would like to Jiuzhaigou, Mt. Emei, Leshan Buddha, Mt. 4 ku niang... big natural beauty view.

Name:Re: Chengdu Tour

As you know, Sichuan tour is one of the most expensive tours in China, especially 4-Guniang Mt. A place with beautiful natural view, but unconvenient transportation. I make an itinerary, you may check first, if there's any question, please feel free to ask me.

Name:Chengdu Tour Reply

Hello, I am interested in visiting Chengdu (Emeishan&Leshan) and Jiuzhaigou. The transport between the two places can be done by overnight train. I would take the Chengdu tour around 7 Oct for 5 days. (but would definitely avoid National Day golden week).

Name:Re:Chengdu Tour

Hello, thanks for your inquiry! I've sent the itinerary of Chengdu tour to your email, please check! But here are two things I need to tell you.1/ There is no overnight train from Chengdu to Leshan. It just takes about less than 2 hours drive from Chengdu to Leshan. So car will be more convenient for you. 2/ There is no train available from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou, the flight is the only access for visitors go in and out of Jiuzhaigou right now.