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Chengde tour will show you highlights of this city. We prepared several different packages for your reference. Chengde is located in the northeast of Hebei Province, about 140 miles away from Beijing. So it's very easy to take a tour to Chengde from Beijing. It is also a popular spot for Beijing local people to spend their weekends. Used to be the second political center in the Qing dynasty, Chengde is a famous cultural city with about 300 years history. Nowadays, Chengde not only still has these cool summers, it retains the memories of this Qing invasion with some of the best Imperial Garden architecture in China.

As one of famous tour destinations in China, Chengde is endowed with a large number of fantastic sceneries, of which the Mountain Resort and Eight Outer Temples have been listed as the world cultural heritage sites by UNESCO. Its moderate climate offered a pleasant change from the imperial capital's summer heat. Chengde is also an interesting place where the colourful inhabitants have mainly a Mongolian or Manchurian minority ancestry. So take a tour to Chengde will be sure to worth your energy and time. We are trying to do the best to prepare agreeable Chengde tours according to duration, transportation and your interest.

Chengde City Tours
  • 1-Day Chengde Highlights Tour
  • Code:Chengde01
  • From:USD90
  • Trip Highlights - Attraction in Chengde involved: The Temple of Potaraka Doctrine in Chengde, Chengde Summer Resort. Chengde, once called Rehe (Hot ...
  • 2-Day Chengde Essence Tour
  • Code:Chengde02
  • From:USD120
  • Trip Highlights - Attraction in Chengde involved: Summer Resort, Temple of Universal Peace, Temple of Potaraka Doctrine. Chengde was the summer camp...
Chengde Side Trips
  • 2-Day Side Trip to Bashang Grassland
  • Code:Chengde07
  • From:USD190
  • Trip Highlights - Attraction in Chengde involved: Bashang Grassland. Bashang Grassland is about 274 kilometers northwest part of Chengde and 280 kil...

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Name:Chengde Tour Enquiry Reply

We would like to travel Chengde from 30th Aug to 1 Sept. 2 persons. Do you have itineraries which you can forward to me. Thanks, Celeste Heng

Name:Re: Chengde Tour Enquiry

Hi Celeste Heng, thanks for your inquiry. Chengde used to be called Rehe (Hot River) and serve as the summer resort capital of the Qing Dynasty. We have several Chengde tour packages on our website. You can get many details about our Chengde tour there. If you're interested in any of our Chengde tour program, welcome to contact us at anytime.