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Want to soak up the sun on the extensive beach with fine and white sand, clean and warm water, gentle waves, off-shore islands, pleasant ocean breezes, mangrove forests and coral reefs? Beihai tour is an excellent choice! Beihai tour is a popular travel tour attracting domestic and foreign tourists every year. So we have made a pleasant Beihai tour itinerary as below for you if you want to take a trip in Beihai. Embraced by the sea in its south, north and west sides, Beihai is situated on the Beibu Gulf at the southern end of Guangxi Province, southern part of China, featuring two coastal islands, namely, Weizhou Island and Xieyang Island.

Enjoying an important geographic position, Beihai used to be one of the starting ports of the Marine Silk Route and made a positive profit to the city's economy as early as 2000 years ago. In modern time, Beihai is regarded as one of the cities that are suitable for habitation in China with the well preserved natural environment. If you decide to Guangxi province for pleasure, Beihai tour is a must. As the leading tour operator in China, We kindly offer Beihai tour packages with competitive rates and perfect arrangements for your choices. If you find the Beihai tours on the following pages fail to meet what you expect, you can contact our tour advisors to organize for you one customized Beihai tour!

Beihai City Tours
  • 1-Day Beihai Highlights Tour
  • Code:Beihai01
  • From:USD50
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions in Beihai involved: the Northern Bay Plaza, Seashore Park, the Benthal World, and Silver Beach. Beihai is an excellent...
  • 2-Day Beihai Exploration Tour
  • Code:Beihai02
  • From:USD150
  • Trip Highlights - Attractions in Beihai involved: Silver Beach, Mazhu Temple. This 2-day Beihai tour is a popular tour attracting domestic and forei...
  • Beihai Airport Transfer
  • Code:Beihai03
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Transfer Service Involved: Beihai Airport Pick up Service, Beihai Airport-Hotel Transfer, Beihai Vehicle(Car, Van, Coach) Rental, ...

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User Comments

Name:Beihai Tour Reply

It is said that the sand beach of Beihai is not inferior to that of Sanya, isn't it? I am Norwegian,living in HongKong.I want to spend my holiday in Beihai with my family in May, please give me advices.

Name:Re: Beihai Tour

First of all, you need a Chinese visa if you visit Beihai from HongKong. The best route is to arrive in Shenzhen first, for there is direct flight to Beihai. Besides, we can reserve the hotel nearby the famous silver beach of Beihai. But the problem is that the weather of Beihai in May is still rather cold, it is not available to swim at that time, so I recommend that the Beihai tour would be better to be put off to July.