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China Tour is so appealing to those who are interested in eastern civilization. China has become an invariable choice for one's tour schedule, with the booming development of the country's economy and tourism. As a reliable online tour operator based in China, we specialize in organizing outstanding China tours. Combining years of experience and a deep understanding of Chinese culture, we create fantastic China tour packages for you to enjoy the rich history, exotic life style and breathtaking landscapes of China. Whether you are planning your first trip to China or returning to explore more insights, we are ready with hundreds of tour routes to make your dream China vacation come true. Here you can find budget group China tours or luxury private vacation plans. Except elaborately pre-designed China tour packages, we also work on customized tour that is organized based on your preferences and needs.

Top Recommendations of China Tour Packages
  • 8-Day China Classic Tours
  • Code:TOC02
  • From:USD810
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai. This is an 8-Day China Tour of ancient culture and modern miracles. If you have a chance to be ...
  • 10-Day China Impression Tours
  • Code:TOC03
  • From:USD1120
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destination: Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Shanghai. This 10-Day China Tour is designed to offer you the country's best. It is a wonderful com...
  • 11-Day Advanture Tour to Tibet
  • Code:TOC37
  • From:USD1650
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destination: Beijing, Xian, Lhasa, Shanghai. This 11-Day Mysterious Tibet Tour creats a gold route throughout the country allowing you ...
  • 11-Day Historic Yangtze River Trips
  • Code:TOC422
  • From:USD1230
  • Trip Highlights - Tour Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Yangtze River (Chingqing-Yichang), Shanghai. This 11-Day Yangtze River Cruise Tour not only shows you the ...
China Theme Tours

China Theme Tours are pre-designed tour packages with charming and unique interests, catering to visitors' various needs. With diverse culture, colorful minorities and mysterious regions, China has enough sights and sounds to intrigue every tourist and excite their curiosities about this great country. If you want your China tour focused on a specific interest and preferences, here we have plenty of China theme itineraries for you with competitive rates.

China Popular Tours
China Mysterious Tibet
China Yangtze Cruise Tours
China City Tours

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User Comments

Name:Booking China Tour for next year? Reply

Hi. My family would like to take a tour to China in 2011. We are wondering how can I have my booking of the tour for next year through your site. Thanks.

Name:Re: Booking China Tour for next year?

Itourbeijing has started receiving the booking for next year. Choose the tours on our site you are interested in and tell us the details: number of people, your desired dates and any other requirements. We can also help customize private tour for your family.

Name:China tour Reply

Hi Elma, I will start my China tour on Oct. 9th. I really appreciate your help for my China trip. This will be the first time for me to travel in China. Is there any travel tips you would like to share? Thx.

Name:Re:China tour

Hi, we have arranged everything for your China trip. We are very professional travel agency, please take it easy. About China travel tips, I have some suggestions as below. Chinese economy development is rapid. Hotels and vehicles are all good. And the China tour itinerary we arranged for you is ideal. Please relax. October weather is the best among a year in China, one jacket will do. I have confirmed with our local offices and guides in other cities to tell you all the necessary travel tips when you arrive.

Name:The tip for the tour guide and the driver Reply

What is the usual tip for guide and driver?

Name:Re: The tips

Dear sir/madam, thanks for your question. Here I am very glad to tell you something about the tips for the tour guide and the driver. The average level is 200 yuan for the tour guide and 100 yuan for the driver per day. Hope this can help you. Best Wishes.

Name:China tour Reply

Can i bring some special flour into china for cooking with ... it is not avalible in china .... the flour brand is called Pan its a flour brand from colombia ... it is used alot in spanish meals ....

Name:Re:China tour

Hello. Thanks for your asking.This is the List of Prohibited Items and Categories when going to China 1. Guns, imitation arms or toy weapons, ammunitions and explosives of all kinds 2. Counterfeit currency and securities 3. Printed matter, films, photos, gramophone records, cinematographic films, loaded recording tapes and video-tapes, compact discs (video & audio), storage media for computers and other articles which are detrimental to the political, economic, cultural and ethics of China 4. Deadly poisons of all kinds 5. Opium, heroin, morphine, marijuana and other narcotic or hallucinatory drugs 6. Infected animals, plants and products; injurious insects and other harmful organisms 7. Foodstuffs, medicines and other articles coming from epidemic-stricken areas or those easy to spread diseases. 8. Precious relics and other relics prohibited from exportation 9. Endangered and rare animals, plants and their seeds and breeding materials 10. Radio transmitter and communication security machines You can prepare your package according to it.