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Sichuan has always enjoyed the reputation of being "Nature's storehouse". Chengdu also as known as Rongcheng and Jincheng, is the capital of Sichuan Province. The giant panda breeding centre of Chengdu is a must for panda-loving visitors. Chengdu's restaurants serving Sichuanese cuisine and refreshments, and teahouses hold forth the fascination of local mores. Sichuan brocade, embroidery and lacquerware are famous souvenirs.

The Photo of Chengdu Pagoda

The photo shows a pagoda in the temple of Chengdu with three stories bulit on it. Pagodas are everywhere in the city, guests can enjoy the pagodas with different styles.

The Photo of Chengdu Pagoda
Jinli Old Street in Chengdu Picture
Picture of Wuhou Temple
The Temple of Baoguo in Mt. Emei Photo
A Archway at Mt. Emei
The Baoguo Temple in Mt. Emei Picture
Picture of Wolong Panda Reserves
The Photo of Chengdu
The Pagoda in Chengdu Photo
Mt. Le Giant Budhha
Dufu Thatched Cottage Picture
Dujiangyan Irrigation System

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