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Famous Yumenguan Great Wall tour in China never stops attracting people by its stunning sceneries and appealing stories from generations to generations.Travelling to Yumenguan Great Wall in China are always in a lot of tourists' itinerary. Situated 75km northwest of Dunhuang, the Yumen Guan(Jade Gate) Pass was a strategic pass on the ancient Silk Road. In the past, the beautiful jade was transported to the inner China through this pass via the Silk Road, which gave the pass its name, Yumenguan. At that time, Yumenguan Pass served mainly as a post station for businessmen, military generals and ambassadors. It has witnessed the prosperity of business transactions along the Silk Road. The silk peculiar to inner China was transported to the western region in an endless stream. Cultural aspects of western China such as music and religion were introduced to central China at the same time. It is said that the grapes, pomegranates and walnuts now growing in central China were originally from the western area. Yumenguan Pass  is was also known as "Small Square City". According to the Chinese legends, Small Square City of the Gansu province was situated in a very complex terrain.It was surrounded by swamps, valleys and forests.

Two thousand years later, the light ringing sound of busy camel trains has disappeared. The cry of sellers in the markets is completely gone. Yumenguan Pass of Great Wall has lost its historic function. It is only a rectangular castle standing in the Gobi desert. It covers an area of over 232 square miles, measuring 27 yards long, 29 yards wide and 32 feet high. The pass was built of rammed yellow earth and has two gates - the west gate and the north gate. There is a walkway measuring 1.4 yards wide on the top. Nuqiang (a jagged parapet on the wall) was set there too. In the southeast corner lies the "Ma Dao" , by which people and horses could gain access to the top of the wall. Standing on the old Yumenguan Great Wall, watching the sunrise or sunset, horses are grazing, the desert in front of you are peaceful with curling smoke, you will feel the atmosphere of recalling the past, that's just what you will experience in the tour of Yumenguan Great Wall. Please contact us if you're planning to take a trip to Yumenguan Great Wall. As a leading operator in China, we will make your tour in Yumenguan Great Wall unforgettable.

Yumenguan Great Wall Tours
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Name:Yumenguan Great Wall Tour Reply

Yumenguan Great Wall looks small in pictures. While the other sections of the Great Wall are fabulous. I’m going to Dunguan next month. Can offer a tour to Yumenguan Great Wall to me?

Name:Re: Yumenguan Great Wall Tour

Yumenguan Great Wall enjoys a long history since it was built in Han Dynasty. So most of its parts have been destroyed, different from Great Wall in Beijing which has been reconstructed. It’s 1.5 hours’ driving from Dunhuang to Yumenguan. We have One Day Great Wall Tour to Yumenguan and Yangguan. Hope they can meet your requirement.