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Regarded as the sprite essence of the Great Wall of China, Simatai section is a remarkable place for traveling, hiking and exploration. The Simatai section of the Great Wall is one of the few sections to retain the original appearance of the Great Wall of China. Simatai Great Wall has been acknowledged by the UNESCO as one of the World Cultural Heritages with its fantastic scenery and precipitous topography. The Simatai hiking tour is often described with the following five words: steepness, compactness, queerness, wonderfulness and comprehensiveness. Simatai Great Wall is located in Gubeikou town to the north-east of Miyun County, Beijing, about 120 Kilometers from the city center. It will take around three hours, drive to arrive there. So you have to get up early in the morning if you plan to take a trip to Simatai. However, you will find it worth your tour finally.

Simatai Great Wall was built during Ming Dynasty under the direction of General Qi Jiguang. It was of utmost significant to the defense of Beijing and still remains intact despite its great age. It is about 5.5km in length and fortified by about 35 watchtowers, connecting with Jinshanling Great Wall to the west. The main travel attractions include: Stairway to Heaven, Fairy Tower, Heaven Bridge and the Wangjinglou Tower. Regarded as an excellent example of China Great Wall, Simatai has many unique characteristics. Its beautiful natural scenery and dramatic landscape make Simatai hiking tours fantastic and appealing. A famous Great Wall travel specialist said: "The Great Wall is the best of Chinese architecture, and Simatai is the best of the Great Wall of China". So take a trip to Simatai to witness in person the magnificence and glory of this man-made masterpiece.

Simatai Great Wall Tours
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Name:Simatai Great Wall Tour Reply

I'm looking to visit the Simatai part of the Great Wall when I visit Beijing next month. Is it best to wait until I arrive and arrange something then or book before I leave the UK with a tour company?

Name:Re: Simatai Great Wall Tour

If you wanted somewhere a bit more authentic and not as restored, try the Simitai section. We kindly offer Simatai Great Wall Hiking Tours with private car, guide and lunch included. Welcome to view our page or contact us for more details.

Name:Simatai Hiking Tour Reply

I'd like to book the 1 day Simatai Great Wall Hiking Trip for Tuesday. 2 people to be picked up at The Novotel in Beijing.

Name:Re:Simatai Hiking Tour

Sorry to tell you that the Simatai Great Wall is under reconstruction right now. There has no fix date when it will open to the public so far. Please choose other sections of the Great Wall in Beijing. And we would like to provide the Great Wall tour for you.