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You will not understand the military power of ancient China, if you do not visit Great Wall at Shanhaiguan. Before you take a trip to Shanhaiguan Great Wall, ,it's necessary to have a quick look of the introducation of Shanhaiguan Great Wall below. Shanhaiguan  became known as the "First Pass under Heaven" since ancient times. Shanhaiguan Great Wall is a major pass of the Great Wall, with strategic importance at its eastern beginning. Laolongtou, meaning "Old Dragon's Head"in Chinese is the place where the wall itself meets the Pacific Ocean at Bohai Sea. Shanhaiguan is a tourist complex with six major tourist areas, including Laolongtou (Old Dragon's Head), Temple of Meng Jiang Nü, Jiaoshan Mountain, First Pass under Heaven, Longevity Mountain, and Yansai Lake. Among them, Laolongtou and First Pass under Heaven should not be missed.

The Great Wall at Shanhaiguan has a long history of more than 600 years, and held a very important military position in ancient times. Most of the walls are well preserved and still keep their original look. The scenery of the Shanhaiguan Pass Great Wall varies with the seasons and each season has its pros and cons. Besides admiring the Great Wall, you could go on to visit the Temple of Mengjiangnu, built before the Song Dynasty (960-1279) or climb the Changshoushan or Jiaoshan Mountain. Alternatively you could take a boat out on Yansaihu Lake.Also in close proximity the Shanhaiguan Pass is the Great Wall Museum, which displays military relics and details the history of the Shanhaiguan Pass. Now, however the Shanhaiguan Pass has become a famous attraction in China. As a Chinese saying goes, 'He who has never travelled to the Great Wall is not a true man.' There is truth in this saying.If you want to prove to be a true man at Shanhaiguan Pass or do more Great Wall tours , as a leading operator in Beijing,we will arrange a perfect tour for you.

Shanhaiguan Great Wall Tours
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Name:Shanhaiguan Great Wall Tour Reply

I’m a kind of confused about the difference between Shanghaiguan and Laolongtou(Old Dragon’s Head). They are both in Beidaihe. I’m planning to take a tour to Shanghaiguan Great Wall. Any suggestion for this?

Name:Re: Shanghaiguan Great Wall Tour

Shanghaiguan Great Wall refers to the whole Pass part, while Laolongtou (Old Dragon’s Head) is the part that meets the sea. Actually, they are the same section of the Great Wall. It’s convenient for you to take a Shanhaiguan Great Wall Tour from Beijing via fast trains. After arrival to Beidaihe, there are shuttle buses to Shanhaiguan. If you need private tour, we can help you to arrange one and reserve the train tickets.