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Juyongguan Great Wall travel is the most easily accessible one compared to the other China Great Wall trips, due to its close distance and convenient transport to the city area. It is about 20 kilometers north of Changping County, about 60 kilometers from the city center. Juyongguan Great Wall is regarded as one of the Three Great Passes of China, along with Jiayuguan Pass and Shanhaiguan Pass. Situated in a long valley surrounded by mountains and connected with the Badaling Great Wall in the north, the Juyongguan Pass had played an important strategic defense role in ancient times. Its position connecting the heart of inner China to the northern borders and its importance to the defense of Beijing has made it a highly coveted military asset over the centuries. Now, Juyongguan has fullfill its historic mission and become a top travel destination in Beijing.

Juyongguan Pass is not just a military stronghold, but also a beautiful scenic spot. Taking a tour to this nearest section of the Great Wall in Beijing will make your dream of hiking on this world wonders come ture easily. Some of its narrow and steep part makes it an ideal section for visitors have a real physical travel experience on the Great Wall. When touring Juyongguan, you may also find the Cloud Platform, the remains of an old fortress, resting in the middle of the pass. Around the pass, beautiful flowers and lush trees cover the mountains and give the impression of green waves rolling down the valley walls. Back to 13th century, this area was known as "Juyong Green Layers", and was listed as one of the "Yanjing Eight Best Sceneries". So a trip to Juyongguan is a tour to chase back to its past beauty and perspective history, different from other sections of the Great Wall.

Juyongguan Great Wall Tours
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Name:Juyongguan Great Wall Tour Reply

Am going to Beijing on a tour in mid March. I am on a morning tour to the above section of the Great Wall. Any tips on what I should see in such a short time? Also, is the cable car open or enclosed in Juyongguan?

Name:Re: Juyongguan Great Wall Tour

Juyongguan is the closet section to downtown Beijing. I think 2 hours will be enough to hike on Juyongguan Grea Wall. There’s no cable car on Juyongguan.