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Jinshanling section lives up to its special beauty among China Great Wall by being slightly in ruins. A travel to Jinshanling will give you the vivid image of what the primitive walls looked like in ancient China. Jinshanling Great Wall, located some 140 kilometers to the northeast of Beijing, starts from the Wangjinglou Tower in the east and ends at Longyukou in the west and stretches about 10 kilometers. There are 5 main passes and 67 either one tiered or two-tiered watchtowers, in this section with enemy towers on it every 100 meters. There are some windows for shooting arrows on the first floor. Roofs of the towers were used to store weapons and hay, and also could be bedrooms for soldiers. The big Jinshan Watchtower, small Jinshan Watchtower, Wangjinglou Tower, Taochun Tower and Wall for Preventing Horses are the highlights of the trip to Jinshanling section.

A trip to the best preserved part of the Great Wall of China with many original features will worth your traveling. Jinshanling tours take good advantag of the excellent condition of its wall and the majesty of its watchtowers. From afar, it conjures the image of a dragon lying across the mountains and it is easy to imagine the kind of awe it would have inspired in ancient times. For many Great Wall travel experts, it is the ultimate expression of Great Wall construction to be seen anywhere in China and it is revered for its strategic significance and aesthetic majesty. There is a three-kilometer (two miles) section of the Wall was rebuilt and is bathed after dark in colored light, making a splendid "Night Great Wall". In addition, an eight hundred meters (0.5 miles) long cable was built to entertain the tourists. Anyone who travel to the Jinshanling Great Wall should not miss them.

Jinshanling Great Wall Tours
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Hi there. We are a group of 3 and have decided to do the Jingshanling to Simatai Great Wall hike on our upcoming trip to Beijing early June. Can you help us arrange a hiking day tour to the wall?

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Hi, there’s no problem for us to provide you with a Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking Tour. The itinerary and quotation have been sent to your email. Please check and let us know your decision.

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Many thanks for the great Jinshanling Great Wall Tour you’ve provided for us. I and my wife did had a great time! Our tour guide Lucy is excellent who escorted us climbing all the way up to the top of Jinshangling Great Wall. Mr. Liu is a very experienced and skilled driver. What’s more, we tasted the country food in Beijing which was so delicious. Jinshanling Great Wall is so fabulous that we took \ lots of pictures, and we will show them to my friends back in Mexico.

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Glad to know that you have enjoyed the 1 Day Jinshanling Great Wall Tour. It is our honor to provide excellent travel service for you and your family. Hope to see you again in your next tour to China.