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Touring in Gubeikou Great Wall in Beijing, you will be amazed by its unique design and soul-stirring history. As the most intact and well preserved, original section Great wall in Beijing,China, Gubeikou Great Wall hiking are appealing more nad more outdoor enthusiasts. Gubeikou, located 125 kilometers from Beijing city, has special military significance and strategic importance for the defense of the capital. Much of the Wall was built according to the specifications of the famous Ming General Xu Da. From ancient times, Gubeikou has worked as a road of strategic importance, connecting the southern and northern parts of the Yanshan Range. This section has 143 beacon towers. The inside of these towers is different in design. Some towers have a flat ceiling. Some have an arched ceiling, a domed ceiling, or an octagonal. Each tower consists of two floors, six archways, and ten arched doors, allowing garrisoned soldiers to advance and retreat freely.

The main part of the Gubeikou Wall was first built in the Ming Dynasty 1368. It goes for over 20 kilometers and comprises of the four parts: Wohushan, Panlongshan, Jinshanling and Simatai.Gubeikou has long been a town of military importance and a vital passage to the capital city. The Yanshan Range goes from east to west and is divided at Gubeikou, constituting a natural narrow pass here. To the west of the pass are the Chaohe River and the Wohu Mountain, and to the east is the Panlong Mountain. Here are many famous cultural relics, such as the Big Flower Beacon Tower of the Northern Qi Dynasty, Fairy Tower, General Tower, and the dominant Wangjing Tower. Travel to Gubeikou Great Wall, enjoy the same scenery and listen to the same wind what mankind had been doing there for centuries.Don't hesitate to contact us if you're just itching for a tour to Gubeikou Great Wall.

Gubeikou Great Wall Tours
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Name:Is Gubeikou Great Wall available in Chengde Tour? Reply

I want to make it sure that will we pass Gubeikou Great Wall on the way to Chengde? I would like to book your 2 Day Chengde Tour. Is there any possibility that we can add Gubeikou Great Wall into the itinerary?

Name:Re:Gubeikou Great Wall Tour

Yes, Gubeikou Great Wall is on the way from Beijing to Chengde. If you would like to book this tour with us, we are glad to fit Gubeikou Great Wall in the itinerary. Well, there will be extra charges for entrance fees. Looking forward to your reply.