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Touring in China without visiting the Great Wall is like going to Egypt and missing the pyramids. It's like not really visiting the ancient civilization. The Great Wall Museum of China is a special museum centered on the theme of the Great Wall to demonstrate its history and current status. China Great Wall Museum is located  at the back of the Badaling Greatwall in Yanqing District of Beijing.The China Great Wall Museum reveals the long-term history, abundant ancient culture and civilization. In 1994, a 'China's Great Wall Museum' was built on the western side of the Badaling Pass. Its exhibition hall covers 3,000 square meters and is divided into several exhibition rooms. The permanent exhibition is composed of eight different parts: the historical Great Wall, the Ming dynasty Great Wall, the building and fortifications, the Great Wall's military and political significance, economic and cultural exchange along the Great Wall, literature and arts, Love My China Repair My Great Wall, the First among Famous Places, and Rainbow of Friendship. Exhibitions in these various sections display all kinds of historical objects and show functions of the Wall that included both peaceful economic exchange and protective military power.

In addition to the locations for viewing the Great Wall north of Beijing, many other parts of the Wall can be visited as well. The portal in the far west, called Jiayuguan, is known as the 'greatest pass under heaven and is well worth visiting. The one in the east, at Shanhaiguan or 'Mountain-Ocean-Pass,' is of tremendous significance in Chinese history. All of these are open to visitors and have historical objects on display. The Great Wall Museum is China's first facility dedicated to the history and culture of the fortification. A thorough timeline is presented here, covering the construction of the Great Wall during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, the Qin and Han Dynasties, the Liao and Jin Dynasties, and the Ming Dynasty. The exhibition focused on the whole of China along the Great Wall around the unearthed cultural relics, specimens of the essence, a symbol of the Chinese nation,the UNESCO World Heritage Committee for the Great Wall of China issued the "Certificate of the world's cultural heritage,"  exhibited here.

In the past 60 years, the world's 120 countries,more than 200 goverment leaders came to visit the China Great Wall-Badaling Section. The museum is unique in design. The zigzag passages inside the building are winding like the Great Wall. Mountain passes and beacon towers are found everywhere, and you will find yourself on the Great Wall section of Jiayuguang Pass or Shanhaiguan Pass. The grand and spectacular wall body, the exquisite and beautiful brick inscription, the strict and perfect defense system, and the countless poems and essays on the Great Wall, are connotations of China's profound cultures. So, if you're just travelling here, don't miss the chance to take a  Great Wall Museum trip. As a leading operator in organizing Great Wall tours in China, we will offer you the most impressive itinerary.

China Great Wall Museum Tours

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