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As most China travel guide books tell: Badaling is the most famous and most-visited section of the Great Wall in China. According to the records, about 370 state leaders and VIPs have ever taken a trip to Badaling and admired the magnificence and beauty of its scenery. Situated in Yanqing County, over 70 kilometres north of Beijing city center, it is the best preserved section of the Wall, built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). With an average altitude of over 1,000 meters (3,282 feet), it is a defensive outpost of the Great Wall occupying a commanding strategic position in ancient times. Badaling, literally meaning "convenient transport to all directions", got its name because the maze of its ridges stretches in all directions. It is easily accessible and has easy hiking conditions. When planning Badaling hiking tours, you need reference on Badaling travel information.

Badaling gained the worldwide reputation by being enlisted in the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1988. Since then on, it has become one the most popular travel destinations of China tours. Badaling Great Wall attracted more attention since it was listed among the New Seven Wonders of the World in July 7, 2007. The landscape surrounding Badaling Great Wall changes every season making your tour to Badaling attactive all year round. In spring, you may see an enchanting scene with the valley covered with shades of green. When the rain comes, the vista will look limitless with all boundaries lost in the haze. In autumn, the sky is cloudless and a brilliant blue, while the maple forest seems dyed in gold. Snow covers the whole scene in winter. The beauty of scenery is sure to catch your attention whatever season you travel there.

Badaling Great Wall Tours
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User Comments

Name:Badaling Great Wall Tour Reply

Is it a reasonable expectation to visit the Great Wall whilst spending time on a stop-over in Beijing? I assume that Badaling is the closest point to Beijing to view the wall. Can anyone advise me regarding this. How much time within one day would I need to allocat to a brief trip to the Great Wall?

Name:Re: Badaling Great Wall Tour

Usually its a day trip or much of the day. Badaling takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to get there and we spent about 2 hours on the wall. This was in a private car not a public bus.

Name:Badaling Great Wall Travel Reply

I’d like to visit the Great Wall in China the next month. Could you please tell me which part of it is worth of visiting?

Name:Re:Badaling Great Wall Travel

Thank you for asking. I recommend the Badaling Great Wall to you. There you can not only see the greatness of the Great Wall, but you can also witness the greenness of the pine trees in the Badaling Great Wall forest park.