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Shanghai is one of the modern cities in China. It is not only famous for its thriving economy, but also for its extremely large collection of golf clubs. Golf is by far the fastest growing sport in the country and Shanghai alone now boasts over 30 full golf courses and driving ranges within reach of the city centre. Many of the golf courses in the Shanghai area offer extensive facilities and have foreign professionals to coach any level of golf. Well, the courses are rarely full and many do not require membership. Each year some of the biggest international tournaments in Asia head to the city to reinforce the local boom.

With so many golf clubs available, at prices spread right across the demographic spectrum, golf is a sport that is becoming ever more accessible in Shanghai. All the courses, no matter in the city center or in the suburban area, are well constructed with the environment and can provide the international standard services to the golf lovers, ranging from short nine-hole golf courses to more challenging 18-hole courses boasting ocean vistas and valley views. So play a round of golf at one of Shanghai's many courses is sure to impart a lasting memory. Go to Shanghai and enjoy your golf tour there!

Shanghai Golf Tours

  • 1-Day Shanghai Golf Tour
  • Tour Code:Golf95
  • From:$195
  • Trip Highlights - Golf Course Involved: Shanghai Sun Island Golf Club. The international golf scene in Shanghai has exploded in recent years. With the fas...
  • 4-Day Shanghai Golf Tour
  • Tour Code:Golf96
  • From:$560
  • Trip Highlights - Golf Courses Involved: Shanghai Sun Island Golf Club, Shanghai Binhai Golf Club, Shanghai Tomson Golf Club. Golf was developed early in ...

Shanghai Golf Clubs

  • Shanghai Sun Island Golf Club
  • Tour Code:Golf91
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Shanghai Sun Island Golf Club of golf courses, spa and vacation villas comprises a chain of golf resorts located severally in Shanghai, ...
  • Shanghai Binhai Golf Club
  • Tour Code:Golf92
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Shanghai Binhai Golf Club, as the premier golf virtue in Shanghai Area, features 2 Championship golf courses. Golf is one of the favorit...
  • Shanghai Tomson Golf Club
  • Tour Code:Golf93
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Shanghai Tomson Golf Club, a world-class 18-hole, par 72 championship golf club, covers 1,400,000 square meters of land, including 7200 ...

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User Comments

Name:1-day Shanghai Golf Tour Reply

I would like to take your 1-day Shanghai Golf Tour. But since I've been to Shanghai Sun Island Golf Club last time, so I want to change another golf course to play a round of golf for this time, is it possible? Please advice.

Name:Re: 1-day Shanghai Golf Tour

Yes, we could change Shanghai Sun Island Golf club into another golf club in Shanghai. Please check the new Shanghai golf package in your email. Any question, please feel free to write to me.

Name:Golf in Shanghai Reply

What is the green fees in Shanghai Sun Island Golf Club? Also, can I play 2 different golf courses in one day? Say, plus Shanghai Tomson Golf Club?

Name:Re: Golf in Shanghai

Two different golf courses in one day will be in a hurry. Either in Sun Island Golf Club or Shanghai Tomson Golf Club will be perfect for the day.