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Qingdao located in the Shandong Peninsula, is a beautiful city with the breathtaking views. It is a promising city to promote the golf and attracts more and more businessmen to invest there. It is not only famous for its seafood in summer, but also for its golf courses in the city. Golf has become a fashion in China in recent years. They are usually built near cities and by the seaside. Golf has become a popular leisure activity and more and more people are taking part. The city held several golf tournaments and golf opens and is becoming more and more intriguing to all the golf lovers in China and abroad.

Its mild climate and appealing natural scenery offer the perfect conditions to play a round of golf in Qingdao, especially in those golf clubs and courses close to the bustling city centre. Golf courses in Qingdao are known throughout the area for its well thought out design and landscape, being laid out by a prominent golfing architect. With the best golf courses in this part of China, one golfer should take a tour to Qingdao and play a round of golf there, regardless of ability. Here we offer some further information about Qingdao's number-one golf course and the online booking service for Qingdao golf tours.

Qingdao Golf Tours

  • 1-Day Qingdao Golf Tour
  • Tour Code:Golf135
  • From:$195
  • Trip Highlights - Golf Course Involved: Qingdao International Golf Club. Qingdao is a coastal city located at northeast part of China. Ideally suitable fo...
  • 4-Day Qingdao Golf Tour
  • Tour Code:Golf136
  • From:$560
  • Trip Highlights - Golf Courses Involved: Qingdao International Golf Club, Qingdao Huashan International Country Club, Tiantai Hot Spring Golf Club in Qing...

Qingdao Golf Clubs

  • Qingdao International Golf Club
  • Tour Code:Golf131
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Qingdao International Golf Club is situated at the Qingdao Shilaoren National Resorts which is well-known as the Pearl of Yellow Sea. It...
  • Qingdao Huashan International Country Club
  • Tour Code:Golf132
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Qingdao Huashan International Country Club is renowned not only in Shangdong Province but also in the whole nation in China and is known...
  • Tiantai Hot Spring Golf Club
  • Tour Code:Golf133
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Tiantai Hot Spring Golf Club was invested by Qingdao Tiantai and was opened in October 2004. It is 40 minutes' drive from Qingdao Liutin...

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User Comments

Name:Qingdao Golf Reply

I would like to make an enquiry of Qingdao golf package for 4 persons. How far is the golf course from Shangdong International Hotel? Can we rent the golf set? Pat

Name:Re; Qingdao Golf

Hi Pat. We can arrange the round trip transfer and golf package in Qingdao for you. We would suggest Qingdao International Golf Club and Tiantai Golf Club.