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Harbin, a city in the north part of China, is situated on the southern bank of Songhuajiang in northeast area of the country. Harbin has the unique features of its own, famous for its cold winter and hospitality people. It mixes the Russian and Chinese cultures together and forms into a very special city flavor in the entire China. The scenery of Harbin in winter is especially attractive. The people in Harbin are fond of sport, especially the winter sport. Recently, the city boosts many golf clubs and courses for the golf lovers come and enjoy a different feeling to play the golf there in a snow world.

Also, the genius people create the snow golf in this area. Golf lovers can play the golf on the snow, but the color of the golf ball is not the white one. The red golf ball will instead of the original one, which will help the golfers to find the ball easily. Imagine yourself playing snow golf in a snow world. How exciting it will be. We offer some useful information about the famous golf clubs and courses in Harbin with well-equipped facilities and international standard service. In addition, welcome to view our pre-arranged Harbin tour packages for reference. If you have your own ideas, we can also offer tailor-made golf tours.

Harbin Golf Tours

  • 1-Day Harbin Golf Tour
  • Tour Code:Golf276
  • From:$
  • Trip Highlights - Golf Course Involved: Harbin International Golf Club.With the tourism development of China, more people are curious about morden China a...
  • 3-Day Harbin Golf Tour
  • Tour Code:Golf277
  • From:$
  • Trip Highlights - Golf Courses Involved: Harbin International Golf Club, Heilongjiang Xudong Golf Club. With the development of China's economy, internati...

Harbin Golf Clubs

  • Harbin International Golf Club
  • Tour Code:Golf 271
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Harbin International Golf Club is a 9-hole, par 36 golf course with a total area of around 180,000 square meters. The club located in th...
  • Heilongjiang Xudong Golf Club
  • Tour Code:Golf 272
  • From:
  • Trip Highlights - Heilongjiang Xudong Golf Club, is an international standard 18-hole, par 72, 6,896 yard golf course with a total area of 2,000,000 squar...

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Name:Golf in Harbin Reply

Do I need to take my own golf equipments, like clubs and shoes, if I wanna play in Harbin International Golf Club?

Name:Re: Golf in Harbin

Harbin International Golf Club provide all golf equipment rental. You don’t need to take yours.